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“Maternal grandfather was convicted of mistreatment”

In tears, the little aunt later recalled that “Eitan an Italian citizen, Pavia is his home where he grew up, we are waiting for him at home, we are very worried about his health “. For Aya Biran, her paternal grandfather’s behavior was” criminal “.” You who come by force, by violence – he wrote in a post -. In the attitude that money can buy anything. Lying in court, trying to distort existing and proven facts. Keep Eitan’s Israeli passport. They are conducted in the dynamics of the underworld “.

From a legal standpoint, the woman said that “the judge’s order, my requests and requests to the lawyers of the Peleg family were ignored”. The Court of Pavia, he added, had ordered “the Peleg family to deliver to me by 30 August the Israeli passport of the child, who was in possession, for unclear reasons, of the maternal grandfather “.

Her paternal aunt can’t rest: “Her bed is empty, her toys and clothes left behind, her new desk, her new school backpack, notebooks, pencil case and books ready to start the school year tomorrow, Monday 13 September In the last week it has already done his first day of school, together with her cousin of the same age and made the insertion. He was enrolled in the school by his parents, in January 2020, in the same institution where he attended the last year of kindergarten “.

Due to the tragedy she experienced, the woman recalled, “Eitan is currently being followed by a physiatrist, a physiotherapist and he must undergo these therapies regularly for his own good. He must undergo hospital check-ups this week, one in Turin and one in Pavia “.


Maternal grandfather convicted mistreatment

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