Green pass: 644 doctors are suspended in Italy, but there are thousands of “no vax” doctors. In Piedmont there are 18 thousand without vaccines

Green pass: 644 doctors are suspended in Italy, but there are thousands of “no vax” doctors. In Piedmont there are 18 thousand without vaccines
Green pass: 644 doctors are suspended in Italy, but there are thousands of “no vax” doctors. In Piedmont there are 18 thousand without vaccines

The doctors currently suspended from the register of Italian orders because they are not vaccinated are 644. This is the figure made known by Fnomceo and updated four days ago according to what was sent by the provincial orders (44 out of 106). There have been 820 suspensions so far, but 176 have been lifted after doctors got vaccinated. The suspension procedure, charged to each individual region, takes place through a cross-referencing of the vaccine registry data with that of the doctors. Once in possession of the data, the region communicates to the ASL the names of the unvaccinated professionals who are contacted to verify the motivation, and, if deficient, the activity is suspended, at the same time communicating the decision to the Orders that actually suspend the doctors from the register, until vaccination has taken place and in any case until 31 December.


The numbers, however, are likely to rise further. In Piedmont alone, there are 18 thousand health workers who, at the moment, have not joined the vaccination campaign against Covid. Of these, 3 thousand are employed by the Region (between health personnel and those in technical roles). 155 thousand, on the other hand, are vaccinated, out of a total number of 173 thousand units. As for the employees of the Piedmont Region, it is the numbers of nurses that worry the most: at the moment there are about two thousand of them missing out of a total of over 23 thousand units. Also about 400 doctors and 800 social and health workers have not yet been vaccinated.


There are about 3,000 doctors and nurses from Lazio no vax, and of these about a hundred have already been suspended. The latest updated data dates back to the second half of August and in the meantime someone may have changed their mind. “The medical no vax are 3% of the 100 thousand doctors, nurses and operators who work in the private and public sectors,” the councilor for health of the region, Alessio D’Amato, explained a few days ago. “Letters of warning and sanctions have already started, as in the case of the ASL of Viterbo which has initiated measures for 17 white coats, six suspended. Each ASL is examining individual cases, sending notes to individuals concerned to get vaccinated or the warning, the change of duties and the dismissal will be initiated where there are unmotivated situations “, added D’Amato.

Since then, other ASLs have taken measures against health workers who refuse to show their arm. In particular, as of August 31, 19 health workers were “recalled” to the Viterbo ASL, 10 to the Roma5 ASL and 2 to the Frosinone ASL. In the Ciociara company of over 4,000 employees, the health component that did not undergo vaccination was about 30 units. Meanwhile, the president of the Order of doctors of Rome and its province, Antonio Magi, specified that not all of them, of course, are doctors: «Only about thirty, out of the 46 thousand in the capital and 55 thousand in total in Lazio, are doctors. Many more nurses who have expressed the will not to get vaccinated ».


Burst of sanctions in Tuscany for no vax sanitary ware. After the assessment phase conducted in the summer, the local health authorities have so far signed the suspension resolution for 202 doctors, nurses, technicians and midwives not yet vaccinated. Professionals will be replaced for a fixed term and will not receive their salary during the months at home.


The number of no vax healthcare workers in Liguria has dropped significantly compared to recent months: to date, from the 5 healthcare companies and hospitals in the region there are 179 cases of personnel in force in the regional healthcare system with related corporate measures adopted, net of revocations . The data is updated to 9 September and sees the highest number of cases in the Genoa area: between ASL 3, with 31 reported cases, and hospitals, with 62 reported cases. The Asl 2 of Savona follows with 46 cases, that of Tigullio with 22 cases, the Imperia one, or Asl 1, with 18 cases, while the Asl 5 sees none. A very low percentage, compared to the approximately 25,000 operators operating throughout Liguria. Those who refused the vaccination were suspended or moved to services not in contact with the sick.


There are over 6 thousand health workers in the whole of Puglia under the magnifying glass of the ASL. 4932 (of which 900 doctors) would seem unvaccinated, 1200 would be, instead, the tax codes that are doubtful. It would therefore be 3.5% of the total staff working in the hospitals of the Region. In detail 1708 reside in the province of Bari, 973 in the capital Dauno, 584 in the Tarantino, 579 in Salento, 325 in the sixth province of Barletta-Andria-Trani and 318 in the Brindisi area. At the moment, 151 employees with a health role not yet vaccinated of the ASL of Bari are equal to 2% of the staff; while in the Asl Bt there are 23 unvaccinated employees out of a total of 23 thousand, therefore it is 0.38%. “There is no doubt that the number will certainly be skimmed – the director of the Health Department of the Region, Vito Montanaro reassured the Agi – on Monday I will have a meeting with the general managers of the ASL who should have completed the verification of any errors of registration. Verification carried out not only in electronic systems (through the Java system used to record vaccinations, ed), but also through active calls ».


There are 623 investigations carried out in Lombardy on health personnel of public facilities who have not been vaccinated. Of these, 221 were suspended, 14 assigned to other duties and 285 were readmitted following vaccination. This is what Agi learns from sources in the Lombardy Region. In total, including private structures, the assessments sent by the Ats were 4,350 (the number in this case, however, refers to last week). Healthcare workers in Lombardy are about 340,000 and, according to estimates, the unvaccinated range between 3 and 5%, but the weight can vary according to the categories: doctors, nurses, observer, laboratory technicians. In recent days, the vice president and councilor for welfare of the Lombardy Region, Letizia Moratti, had assured that she would not fear repercussions on the health service after the departure of the first suspension letters for no vax doctors. “No for the moment no, a doctor who does not vaccinate is not the example that should be given, a doctor is in contact with fragile patients” and the latter “we must protect them, it is a public health duty”.

Trentino Alto Adige

In Trentino Alto Adige there are about 2,800 health professionals – including doctors, nurses and social health workers (Oss) – opposed to vaccination against Covid-19 and therefore at risk of suspension. Both in the province of Bolzano and in that of Trento the suspensions have already begun but of the almost three thousand ‘No vax’ there is someone who has followed up on the letters sent by their respective health authorities. There are cases of health workers who have fixed, or have undergone the first dose, others who had received communication that they had been vaccinated elsewhere or that they were on leave for pregnancy or other reasons. These are above all “suspensions” with home working if possible. In Alto Adige there were 3,967 unvaccinated health workers in April; during the summer months, 1,961 health workers were vaccinated and now 2,006 – the figure has not been updated for about a week – has not been vaccinated. For the moment, investigations are underway on 402 health workers, 336 of which from the health care company. Of the 860 health workers invited, 172 were employees of the health company and about thirty started the vaccination process. To date, around 500 healthcare workers are at risk of being suspended.

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