Rome, in a thousand at the live of rapper Paky at Mandrione. The fighters close the place along the Tiber

Rome, in a thousand at the live of rapper Paky at Mandrione. The fighters close the place along the Tiber
Rome, in a thousand at the live of rapper Paky at Mandrione. The fighters close the place along the Tiber

If the closure measures, by the police, against the premises that do not comply with the anti-Covid regulations have far from ceased, at the same time gatherings and dances continue (often without any kind of protection). As happened last night at the Snodo Mandrione, in the street of the same name, where more than a thousand very young people responded to the appeal of rapper Paky. An evening with paid admissions (starting from 30 euros per person), characterized by the presence of many under 20s, who literally besieged the stage, without wearing any type of mask. And this under the eyes of the bouncers, who limited themselves to protecting the singer, originally from Secondigliano but transplanted to Milan: all captured and documented on Instagram stories.

Ludwig in Maccarese, evening at risk of gatherings: the live of the DJ-phenomenon has been canceled

Investigations into the fight

On the control front, however, in Ostia, the carabinieri carried out an inspection in the Kursaal plant, where, on Thursday night, a fight was recorded (“which took place outside the premises”, underlines the owner of the plant). The military asked to view the videos, in order to reconstruct the responsibilities of those present: among the people involved, there would also be girls, who would have participated in the fist fight. Also on the coast, on the Via Litoranea, the carabinieri, with the collaboration of the Labor Inspectorate and Antisophistication Health Units, closed the Sunny Beach kiosk-restaurant, on the Litoranea road: in addition to the hygienic-sanitary deficiencies, three non-contractual workers were found . The activity was simultaneously fined € 17,500. From the coast to the Tiber, the brigade closed the Molo Zero club for 5 days, between Ponte Milvio and Foro Italico: here they surprised 700 people, intent on dancing to the notes of techno music, in defiance of anti-Covid provisions. A similar measure was carried out against another public establishment located in the Trieste district. Here, an abusive party was in progress with dancing activities in the presence of about a hundred people: also in this case the appropriate sanctions were triggered.

Ostia, 400 without mask: the “Village” on the sea closed

Blitz in Piazza Navona

In Piazza Navona, on the other hand, police tighten on three shops, closed for three and two days. In both cases, the Covid protocols were not respected. In one brewery, 42 people were identified, all crowded at the bar counter, without any distancing.

Ostia, crowded with 2,500 people: seals at the Kursaal establishment in the disco version


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