flop of the demonstration in Piazza del Popolo

flop of the demonstration in Piazza del Popolo
flop of the demonstration in Piazza del Popolo

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12 September 2021 09:40


On the day when, from Turin to Milan, the “no vax” people met in many squares in Italy, a demonstration was organized in Rome as well.

Four hundred participants

For the capital, the seat of the sit-in, announced to contest the use of the Green pass, was that of Piazza del Popolo. Under the Flaminio obelisk, demonstrators paraded with placards bearing slogans such as “I’m not a guinea pig” and “not vaccines made with animal brothers. Never, never and never “. Someone exhibited T-shirts that read “no to dictatorship”. In all, about 400 people showed up in Piazza del Popolo on the promeggio of 11 September.

The presence of Forza Nuova

A group of Forza Nuova militants also presented themselves at the demonstration, waving some tricolor flags and chanting ‘freedom’ and ‘no green pass’. A few dozen activists from the far-right formation lost part in the sit-in against the green pass held in Piazza del Popolo. In the front row, megaphone in hand, was the leader of Forza Nuova, Giuliano Castellino.

Previous appointments no green pass

Already at the beginning of September, a sit-in against the Green pass was organized in front of the Tiburtina station. In that case it was to contest the appeal on the day when it became mandatory to show the green certificate, it had to be shown also to get on long-distance trains, as well as on ships and planes. Even in that case, the demonstration for the number of subscriptions, very limited, had turned out to be a flop. But unlike similar demonstrations organized against the green pass, neither that of the Tibrutina Station nor the sit-in in Piazza del Popolo recorded attacks against journalists.


flop demonstration Piazza del Popolo

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