“No tolls on the motorway and drivers should ask for damages” – Corriere.it

“No tolls on the motorway and drivers should ask for damages” – Corriere.it
“No tolls on the motorway and drivers should ask for damages” – Corriere.it
from Alessio Ribaudo

Flavio Briatore yesterday, in the queue on the A10, lashed out at the motorway manager by publishing a video on TikTok which went viral in a short time. They treat people like they’re rags. The reply: Workers inspected the pylons of the viaduct

Without too many words, as in his style, Flavio Briatore yesterday attacked those who manage the highways in Liguria on the popular social network TikTok. The well-known Piedmontese businessman, transplanted to Monaco, r
jammed in traffic on the A10 did not hold up and with his smartphone shot a video that, in a few hours, went viral.

The outburst

Italian motorways suck and those who manage motorways suck – Briatore attacked – and not only should we not pay the ticket, but we should ask for damages. The outburst of the 71-year-old who as a team manager in Formula 1 managed to win three titles with two drivers and two different teams, did not continue in his outburst: all summer like this and I don’t see anyone working on the construction sites. Briatore, in the video, tells of having seen a sign indicating five kilometers of queue for work: But we have not seen workers for 200 kilometers, they make you go from one lane to another, they block you, but there is no one . Then he cut it short: Whoever administers them sucks and is not possible, they treat people as if they were rags

The replica

In several cases, as in the one shown in the video – explains Autostrade per l’Italia to Courier service – the current legislation requires the installation of limitations on the carriageway to allow investigation activities at the base or on the structures, which are not visible to the motorist. To better inform users, Aspi is introducing further signage, in addition to light panels. Basically, Aspi claims, that the workers would not have been visible to Briatore and to all motorists passing through the A10 because they were busy inspecting the pylons that support the viaducts. On the Autostrade per l’Italia network, a general modernization plan is underway involving various infrastructures – continued by Aspi -. These interventions, which have a wide-ranging programming and take place in full agreement with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, will allow the useful life of the network to be extended by several tens of years, increasing the safety coefficients. This is an extraordinary effort, underway throughout the national network, which has strategic importance and which is being carried out in the interest of the country system. In any case, it is advisable to consult the Aspi website before traveling, where there are updated travel times and all construction sites in progress.

The previous

The Ligurian motorway section, due to maintenance works, is one of the busiest in Italy. In recent days, the coach Roberto Mancini had also let himself go to harsh criticism on social media on his return from Reggio Emilia where he had played the national team. blurted out. These are the Italian highways, you arrive at midnight from the A7 at the A26 junction and you find the motorway closed without a sign indicating the closure – it was blurted out on his Instagram profile tagging the manager Autostrade per l’Italia -. Shame on you but many have to be ashamed. Words to which the company had replied: Closure announced and reported, come and visit us

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