what comes from the past of the senator of the Democratic Party – Libero Quotidiano

what comes from the past of the senator of the Democratic Party – Libero Quotidiano
what comes from the past of the senator of the Democratic Party – Libero Quotidiano

Salvatore Dama

September 12, 2021

Year 1994. Exactly Tuesday 22nd March. There are only a few days left for the political elections, which would have been celebrated on Sunday 27. A date engraved in its own way in recent history. Because Silvio Berlusconi, creating a coalition between different parties – Forza Italia, Lega Nord, Alleanza Nazionale, Ccd – manages to win against all odds. By defeating what, not without posthumous irony, was renamed the “joyful war machine” of Achille Occhetto. One of the new facts of politics is the National Alliance. The former missini attract the interest of various veterans of the old party power. But, in the North, they also make converts among the Northern League. Which are also a vanguard movement. So it happens that some of them give up Umberto Bossi and pass with Gianfranco Fini. A young Paduan student does not like this transhumance. There was no internet at the time. There were no social networks. Even the fax people were still in their infancy. There was the post to divulge one’s opinion. You went to the correspondence office with a typed letter and sent it to a newspaper.

The boy in question declares himself a voter of the Northern League and, in fact, does not write to Unity, but to L’Indipendente, already directed by Vittorio Feltri, a newspaper very attentive to the internal dynamics of the center-right. The letter is published. It is March 22, 1994, as it was said. Left column of the “Tribuna Aperto” page, dedicated to readers’ contributions. Title: «Beware of the defectors». Signature: Alessandro Zan. From Mestrino, Padua. A quick registry check leaves no doubt. Only one Zan Alessandro was resident in the Municipality of Mestrino, born in 1973, born in Padua and moved to Mestrino in 1979, following his family, when he was six years old. At the beginning of the letter published by The Independent, the boy starts with the introductions: “I am a university student.” And this also comes back. Alessandro Zan in 1994 he was almost 21 years old and attended the Telecommunications Engineering course at the University of Padua. Then, scrolling through the text, the declaration of political faith arrives: “At the last political elections”, reveals the young Alessandro Zan, “I gave my vote to the Northern League precisely because I thought, and still think so, that this political movement through the federalist push could first move the old party system and then start Italy towards a federalist structure ». This temporal datum also coincides. The previous policies had taken place in 1992, when the current promoter of the law against homotransphobia, having reached the age of majority for a year, was able to cross the symbol of the Northern League with conviction.

He really believes it, Zan. His is a pure league, genuine. This is why he is angry with the “traitors” who have chosen An: “I agree with Bossi and with Maroni, the defectors who move to An do only a favor to the League”. Then what happened? Alexander’s political orientation has turned elsewhere. To the left. And there it is, it is permissible. He was councilor for the environment in Padua, then landed in Parliament, elected to the Chamber first with the list of Sel (2013) then reconfirmed with the Democratic Party (2018). But, above all, Zan has become a champion of LGBT rights, which made him famous in the news. He is the signatory of the homonymous bill against homotransphobia. But this is a story known to all. On the other hand, nothing was known about youth infatuation with the League. Asked by Libero, the deputy of the Democratic Party confirms that he is the author of that letter. And he specifies: “I grew up in a Northern League family as I also tell in my book, that is a vote of a twenty-year-old against the party power of the first Republic that came out of Tangentopoli and that knew only that socio-cultural reality, but which in the letter already claims with pride in being a convinced anti-fascist ». In fact, adds Zan, “in that letter of almost thirty years ago I denounce the League’s turn to the right which today has become homophobic and racist. Then when I was twenty-one at university I joined the pacifist and leftist movements: my first party card was that of the DS ».

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