All the sites of the Terzo Valico reopen

All the sites of the Terzo Valico reopen
All the sites of the Terzo Valico reopen

The Terzo Valico dei Giovi construction sites reopen. The Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility in a note stresses that the critical issues that had led to the use of the Redundancy Fund for about 300 workers working on the excavation fronts, in Castagnola and Cravasco, have been overcome, thanks to an Agreement signed today between the General Contractor led by Webuild and the Ctg (Consorzio Tunnel Giovi), made up of the Pizzarotti and Collini companies. In fact, the agreement defines a shared path for overcoming the dispute that will make it possible to gradually restart all construction sites from next week.

All construction sites are restarting

All workers will thus be able to return to work thanks also to the adaptation of the safety plans and the feedback provided to the ASL in response to their minutes of August 9.The agreement is the result of an intense discussion between the parties favored by the action joint venture between Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (FS Group) and the Extraordinary Commissioner Terzo Valico dei Giovi and Nodo di Genova, Calogero Mauceri, who worked closely with Minister Enrico Giovannini to investigate the various critical, technical and administrative aspects. the Companies have faced the situation and resolved disputes with an evident sense of responsibility and common sense, aware of the importance that this great work has for the territory, with the will to complete it within the scheduled time. Also important is the attention that the trade unions have devoted to resolving the situation by taking action from the early hours of the crisis, with the common goal of guaranteeing work for the workers.


70% of tunnels already built

The prolonged block of the works and a possible compromise of the time schedule of the work as a whole was thus avoided. In this way, the advancement activities of the excavation of the tunnels can continue, which to date have been completed for 70%, of which about 30% in the last 20 months. in his action by Deputy Minister Bellanova and Minister Giovannini, they laid the foundations for a quick solution of the problem and of any that may arise in the future. In this process, all the actors, starting with the minister to continue with RFI and the Commissioner, will continue to exercise their role by favoring dialogue and mediation with the primary purpose, clear to all, of respecting the deadlines set for the conclusion of the works. .

Governor Toti

«Well the reopening of the site of the Terzo Valico dei Giovi, a news that arrives the day after the meeting that I called in the Region with the trade unions. This result is the result of the joint work of local and national institutions together with trade unions, confederations and the sector », said the Ligurian governor Giovanni Toti, commenting on the agreement signed between the General Contractor and the Consorzio Tunnel dei Giovi. President Toti had met the unions on Friday to take stock of the situation, reassuring the attention from the government and the coordination between Commissioner Mauceri and Minister Giovannini and on the basis of this summit the unions had suspended the strike announced for next Tuesday . «The construction of the high-speed railway line between Genoa and Milan with the completion of the Third Pass – continues Toti – is a priority not only for Genoa and Liguria but for the entire country. This work is part of the European Genoa-Rotterdam corridor and will be at the service of the most important ports in the Mediterranean. Having reached today’s result with the release of this dispute – Toti concludes – it is important not to let our guard down to guarantee the acceleration of the work that institutions, trade unions and companies have been hoping for for some time ».

The trade unions

«We are satisfied with the news of the reopening of the Cravasco and Castagnola del Terzo Valico construction sites: from Thursday the 300 workers who had been placed on layoffs will return to work at full capacity. The pressing of the trade unions was rewarded and we appreciated the intervention of the Extraordinary Commissioner of the work Calogero Mauceri who worked on the front line for this result “, affirm in a note Feneal – Uil, Filca Cisl and Fillea – Cgil of Genoa , Alessandria, Liguria and Piedmont. «The workers were on layoffs since last August 25 and it was supposed to last for 13 weeks, today the calm is finally back but we need to work so that what happened does not happen again. Now we ask the Consorzio Tunnel dei Giovi for a meeting to understand what solutions will be adopted for the resumption of work ”, the trade union organizations conclude.

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