madness, where they found it – Libero Quotidiano

madness, where they found it – Libero Quotidiano
madness, where they found it – Libero Quotidiano

He has been arrested Pierangelo Pellizzari, the man who killed the 31-year-old on the morning of 10 September Rita Amenze with gunshots in Noventa Vicentina. The 61-year-old was found by the Carabinieri who had been looking for him all night. Pellizzari in fact had fled after having made around 7 in the parking lot of Meneghello Funghi, the company where the victim worked, the murder of his former partner. The two argued for a few moments, at the end of which the killer he pulled out a gun and opened fire, killing her instantly in front of some colleagues.

To find the man, a hunt ended near his home throughout the province of Vicenza. Meanwhile, the magistrate on duty and the coroner had already arrived at the scene of the crime and carried out the first investigations on the dynamics. According to the investigators it would be treaty of an ambush: as soon as she got out of the car, the victim, who was about to start her shift, was approached by her ex-husband who, after a brief discussion, hit her with four bullets in rapid sequence.

The two were married in 2019 and moved from Val Liona to Villaga in Quargente. The woman had a daughter in Nigeria and was planning to take her to Italy. Pellizzari had already been convicted of violence against the former. Just as he couldn’t have the weapon he killed Amenze with. In 2008 the carabinieri of the country had sent a report to the police headquarters for his violent attitudes and the firearms license had been revoked.

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madness Libero Quotidiano

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