M5S, Conte in Turin amidst crowds and No Green Pass protests: “We will not support the Democratic Party in the ballot”

M5S, Conte in Turin amidst crowds and No Green Pass protests: “We will not support the Democratic Party in the ballot”
M5S, Conte in Turin amidst crowds and No Green Pass protests: “We will not support the Democratic Party in the ballot”

“In the event of a ballot? If we go there, as I believe, I hope that the Democratic Party will support us. But at the moment the conditions are not right to say that we support the Turin Democratic Party, the citizens would not understand”. So the president of the M5S Giuseppe Conte at the Corso Cincinnato market in Turin to support the mayoral candidate’s electoral campaign Valentina Sganga. The leader of the Movement gave a small crowd bath and was highly acclaimed. The former premier was in Novara in the morning and in the capital in the afternoon. His second stop in the city was at Porta Palazzo, where the former prime minister was challenged by a group of No Green Pass, who displayed the banner “Conte traitor, Turin does not want you”. At the head of the protest Marco Liccione, one of the most active opponents of the green certificate in Turin.

Turin, Count challenged by the No Green Pass: “Traitor”

At Porta Palazzo also the former minister Azzolina

The former premier visited the central market of Porta Palazzo together with the mayor Appendino and the candidate Sganga. The former Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina also arrived with them. To those who asked him if he intended to change his political path at the end of the administration, Conte replied: “Absolutely not. Yesterday I said very sincerely that when you work for the common good, when you work in a spirit of service for others, you are committed all one’s strength and therefore it becomes an enormous effort. So no tiredness – he added – the enthusiasm of the people multiplies energy, it is with the people that politics acquires consistency “.

Azzolina at the Central Market

No alliance with the Democratic Party: “Citizens would not understand”

“Citizens – he explained Conte – they wouldn’t understand. Citizens understand the concreteness and solidity of the political proposal, not such abstract allies “.” We cultivate a continuous and constant dialogue with the forces of the center-left area and with the Democratic Party in particular – he added -. But in some territorial realities this has not been possible, and one of these is Turin. I personally regret that there has not been the possibility, and I certainly do not impute it to the 5 Star Movement, to create a common project with shared objectives for this city. There has been a stiffening by the local Democratic Party, we acknowledge it “.

Valentina Sganga, Giuseppe Conte and Chiara Appendino (photo Ansa)

The praise of Appendino: “He did an important job”

Conte then spoke to honey for Chiara Appendino: “The project that we present in Turin is concrete and solid, a project that is strong in administrative experience. The outgoing mayor has done an important job, and in my opinion the 5 Star Movement he has all the credentials to present this proposal: a government project for a new 5-star mandate for Turin. I think it is a very competitive proposal “.

The defense of citizenship income

The criticism of citizenship income “comes from politicians in short pants, the ones they wore when they started doing politics”. Thus began the former premier Giuseppe Conte, a Novara to support the candidacy for mayor of the outgoing 5-star city councilor Mario Iacopo.

Conte argued that the controversy raised against the Basic income “are instrumental”. “Only 12 thousand people fully perceive it, for the others they are adjustments – he says -. Politicians who do not know the difficulties, living on politics, do not perceive the social value of our conquest”.

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