Italian GP, ​​Sprint Qualifying: Bottas wins but Verstappen smiles with pole

Italian GP, ​​Sprint Qualifying: Bottas wins but Verstappen smiles with pole
Italian GP, ​​Sprint Qualifying: Bottas wins but Verstappen smiles with pole

A smile for Valtteri Bottas, which won the Sprint Qualifying and related 3 points. Statistically this is a “pole position” for the Finn from Mercedes, but only good for the palmares: tomorrow Valtteri will start from the back for having mounted the fourth unit, thus leaving the first position on the grid to Max Verstappen, 2nd at the end of the mini. -race ahead of Ricciardo, Norris and Hamilton, 5th after having missed the start. Ferrari which ends in 6th place with Leclerc and 7th with Sainz.

Hamilton starts badly, Gasly is immediately knocked out

Excellent start for Bottas and nightmare for Hamilton, which starts badly by letting itself pass by Verstappen and then sucked into the two McLarens, the only ones in the top ten to risk the soft tire at the start. Lewis takes a risk in the funnel of the first corner, where there is a contact between Ricciardo and Gasly: the Frenchman has the worst that in the Curva Grande completely loses the front wing ending up in the external wall after the gravel and causing the safety car to be called in.

McLaren very fast on the straight

Three laps behind the safety car and then the green flag, with Bottas leading Verstappen, Ricciardo, Norris, Hamilton, Leclerc, Sainz, Giovinazzi, Stroll and Perez, this is the top ten at the restart. No overtaking in the first meters except that of Alonso at Vettel for 11th place at Lesmo 1. Immediately Bottas showed a superior pace to everyone, putting a bearing of a couple of seconds ahead of Verstappen in order to keep him outside the Drs area once the possibility of using the mobile wing has been activated. Further back the duel between Stroll and Perez won by the Mexican, while Hamilton is unable to overcome the very fast McLaren on the obverse, planting itself behind Norris.

“Pole” by Bottas, ma ride Verstappen

The sprint qualification thus continues one lap after another without further jolts up to the checkered flag: Bottas wins, is guaranteed the “pole” from a statistical point of view and takes home 3 points, while Verstappen with the 2nd place takes 2 going up to +5 with Hamilton, only 5th behind Ricciardo and Norris. Behind the Englishman of Mercedes the Ferraris of Leclerc and Sainz, therefore a very good Giovinazzi, 8th after keeping behind Perez, then the Mexican of Red Bull and Stroll, 10th.

The order of arrival


Italian Sprint Qualifying Bottas wins Verstappen smiles pole

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