LIVE Italian GP, ​​follow the live of the Sprint Qualification in Monza

LIVE Italian GP, ​​follow the live of the Sprint Qualification in Monza
LIVE Italian GP, ​​follow the live of the Sprint Qualification in Monza

The Sprint Qualifying of the Italian GP ends here! Thanks for following the live with Autosprint!

Appointment tomorrow at 15 with the race live from Monza!

Here is the final classification of the Sprint GP qualification in Monza, which will be the starting grid on Sunday:


Double for Red Bull with Max who, after the victory at Silverstone, repeats the success also at Monza!


Too bad that tomorrow’s pole position of the Italian GP will not go to him. Even if the Finn made no mistakes and finished first at the checkered flag, the accident at the start of the Dutch GP pays dearly. Bottas will start last on the grid to serve the Zandvoort penalty.

Bottas remains in command despite Verstappen’s attacks


Incredible Ricciardo who is 3rd behind Max and Valtteri


Lap 16: Hammer doesn’t want to stay 5th: he is 9 cents from Norris

Round 15: 2 seconds and 111 hundredths the gap between Bottas and Verstappen

Great performance by Giovinazzi, who defends himself very well and blocks the 8th place between a Ferrari and a Red Bull

Round 14: only 4 laps at the end of the Sprint Qualification

Lap 13: Perez and Stroll under investigation for overtaking the Mexican against Aston Martin in turn 1

New fast lap of Verstappen

Round 11: Stroll and Alonso, who fight but between the two quarrels Perez wins, who is now 9th

Lap 10

The top 10

Bottas, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Norris, Hamilton, Leclerc, Sainz, Giovinazzi, Perez and Stroll

Lap 9: Hamilton is 5th, on the radio he complains about the speed of McLarens. He just can’t get Norris in his sights

Round 8: almost two seconds of difference between Bottas and Verstappen

The Ferraris back: Leclerc is 6th, Sainz 7th

Lap 7: 1: 23.592 is from Bottas, the fastest lap

Round 6: The Finn’s Mercedes is in command ahead of Verstappen and Ricciardo

Round 4: GREEN FLAG! The Sprint Qualifying restarts in Monza

FIA says there will be no investigation into the crash between Gasly and Norris’ McLaren

Tsunoda in the pits for the wing change

Problems also for Tsunoda and Kubica, the other AlphaTauri collides with Alfa Romeo, which turns around, after being involved in the impact of Gasly


Round 2: ACCIDENT FOR GASLY! The Frenchman from AlphaTauri goes to the wall. The Italian GP starts badly for the winner of the reign in Monza

Lap 1: Bottas keeps the lead of the race ahead of Verstappen and Hamilton

PARTIES! Now the 18 laps of the Sprint Qualification begin

Training tour for single-seaters! The flag was waved by Marcel Jacobs, gold medalist at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the 100 meters flat

Good afternoon! It starts in just under 5 minutes: the race, remember it runs over a distance of 100 km, or 18 laps on the Monza circuit!

Watch the Monza GP Sprint Qualifying live here:

Formula 1 is ready for bis of the Sprint Qualification, a new format that debuted for the first time in its history last year British GP. There will be some good things in the sort of small Grand Prix that will be staged from 4.30 pm at the Monza racetrack for the Saturday preceding the Italian GP.

As at Silverstone today, the finishing positions at the end of 100 km, without pit stops and fuel usage limits, foreseen will be used to form the starting grid of the Monza race. The first three drivers will be assigned respectively from 3 to one point, which will then be added to those of the GP.

As regards the compounds to use, there is absolute freedom for each team. According to Mario Isola, Pirelli racing manager, the top teams will choose to start with averages this afternoon, to take full advantage.

After Max Verstappen’s victory, who will the second Sprint Qualifying go to? Stay up to date with the minute by minute live here on Autosprint which will start at 4pm. But in the meantime, review the starting order here with the complete grid!

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