to the future mayor the video proposals for the relaunch of the capital

to the future mayor the video proposals for the relaunch of the capital
to the future mayor the video proposals for the relaunch of the capital

The key word is concreteness. The medium is video. And the goal is to improve the capital. From these premises, and from the appeal launched by a child from Corviale, the “101 ideas for Rome” project was born.

“It is not just a list of proposals, but a real qualified and international laboratory of ideas, which is offered to those who will have the responsibility of governing this city” explained Paolo Masini who conceived the initiative together with Massimo Vallati, Graziana Dizonno and Salvatore Monni.

The best ideas available

To answer Daniel’s question, the child asked in a video to “come up with ideas for Rome, because I don’t want to leave from here”, former mayors and academics, presidents of associations and numerous protagonists of civil society were consulted. “We asked personalities, Roman and not, whom we met in our paths, and whom we esteem for rigor and professionalism, to contribute ideas about Rome – explained the organizers – Ideas and solutions for the various sectors of city life. proposals is on the site, we ask the Romans for the others. The best ones will be published to be available to candidates for mayors “.

Proposals organized by sectors

To ensure that these new ideas are available to the next mayor, the proposals have been organized according to the institutional structure of a hypothetical junta. There is the space dedicated to Culture and Tourism, the one that follows the delegation to Mobility, a sector dedicated to the Environment and Sustainability, another dedicated to Urban Planning.

The various contributions

The contributions of personalities such as Stefano Boeri, Daniele Fortini, Alberto Fiorillo, Rebecca Spitzmiller have already been collected within the various themes, designed to follow the delegations of a Capitoline junta. There is also Mario Tozzi who suggests to the future mayor to say “enough to private cars, starting from the Via Appia Antica, the first road in the world 2300 years that today is crossed by the car crossing”. There is Lucia Cuffaro, of the degrowth movement, who calls for the creation of “repair centers” to recover “everyday objects that make separate collection difficult” thus reducing the amount of waste.

Rome: an international question

There are the video contributions of the two mayors who administered Rome for two consecutive terms, Francesco Rutelli and Walter Veltroni. And above all, there is room, within this initiative, to collect even the best proposals. To be formulated in writing and then summarized in a 45-second video. Pills of concreteness for those who, after the next election, will be called to govern the capital. A city whose relaunch cannot only represent a citizen question. Also because “Rome must become a laboratory of ideas to start again – it was reiterated by the organizers – an example for the many European and non-European capitals that suffer from the same problems” after a decade characterized by great difficulties, even on an economic level. Facing this challenge means collecting the best proposals. Starting with those already online.

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