Coronavirus Italy today: the 9/11 bulletin. Region-by-region data

Coronavirus Italy today: the 9/11 bulletin. Region-by-region data
Coronavirus Italy today: the 9/11 bulletin. Region-by-region data

Rome, 11 September 2021 – Waiting for Covid bulletin of Civil Protection e Ministry of Health which even today will allow us to take stock of the epidemic in Italy. Under the lens, as always, the number of contagion, hospitalizations, deaths e terapie intensive. The updates will arrive around 17, but already now we can take a look at the latest weekly report dell’Higher Institute of Health which signals a slight decrease both in terms ofindice Rt, from 0.97 to 0.92, both for theincidence of cases, which went from 74 to 64 per 100,000 inhabitants. Regarding the employment rate of intensive care, the ISS assessments speak of a growth from 5.7% to 6.2% compared to last week. Furthermore, while the Sicily is confirmed in the yellow zone, three regions have moderate risk values: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lombardy andSouth Tyrol.

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On the vaccine front, Italy is close to 40 million immunized. The doses administered are 80.5 million, 87.7% of the total of those delivered. More precisely, 39.6 million people have completed the vaccination cycle, 73.49% of the over 12s data Iss also report that the risk of Covid infection, for people who have completed the vaccination course, is reduced by up to 77%, as they rise to the 93,4% effectiveness in preventing hospitalization and al 95,7% that in preventing intensive hospitalization. Effectiveness in preventing deaths is on the threshold of 96,3%. Still on vaccination, yesterday theAifa (Italian Medicines Agency) reported that out of the millions of doses of coronavirus vaccine administered, there were only 90 thousand reports of adverse reactions: 119 for every 100 thousand vaccines.

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Meanwhile, the discussion about theextension of the green pass in schools, in view of the first bell on Monday 13. The principals have raised the alarm on the risk of chaos also for parents and unions – opposed to the government’s decision – continue their protest. “The Green pass is brilliant – he says the minister for the PA, Renato Brunetta – because it increases the costs for opportunists opposed to the vaccine. In the future it will apply to the public work e private”. And while today new Italian cities are planned manifestations of no-va / no-pass, the prosecutors of Milan are considering whether to add in the dossier against the network of “warriors” Telegram, among the crimes to be challenged, also the criminal association. Eight people, five men and three women, no-vax activists, there were armed with brass knuckles and katanas to “go from words to deeds” during protests against the green card of 9 September, and are already under investigation for the crime of aggravated incitement to crime.

We will publish here, as soon as possible, the updated data and pdf table of the Ministry of Health.

In Veneto, Today I am 596 the new cases of Covid-19, and the total rises to 461,499 patients since the beginning of the pandemic. They are not reported instead deaths, stopped at 11.719. The current positives are 12,902 (-271). Hospital data dropped with 240 admissions in non-critical area (-10) and 57 (-1) in intensive care.

I am 429 new cases of Coronavirus recorded in the 24 hours in Tuscany, on 19,924 tests of which 8,372 molecular swabs and 11,552 rapid tests. I am 3 the dead. The rate of new positives is 2.15% (7.0% on first diagnoses). This was announced by the president of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani. Compared to yesterday, the cases are substantially unchanged (there were 423), compared to a May number of tests (there were 17,047), while the positivity rate is decreasing (it was 2.48%).

In Basilicata there have been 39 new infections in the last 24 hours, in Molise 5. In South Tyrol the new positives are 59, no deaths.

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