Dishes and sandwiches with nutria: a bartender in trouble

Dishes and sandwiches with nutria: a bartender in trouble
Dishes and sandwiches with nutria: a bartender in trouble

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September 11, 2021 12:39 pm


He sold nutria dishes to customers and did not do it occasionally because, when the carabinieri entered the restaurant, they found carcasses of the animal useful for preparing the dishes and sandwiches. A shocking discovery that of the Carabinieri dei Nas (Nucleo Antisofisticazioni e Sanità) of Cremona who, on the occasion of a check in a shopkeeper’s premises, discovered how he, a 42-year-old, was actually selling nutria meat, which was eaten by his customers .

Too bad that the nutria is an animal that cannot be used for human consumption, as governed by the interministerial circulars. For this reason, the 42-year-old was denounced for trading in harmful food substances. According to reports from the military, the bartender had two nutria carcasses in the chest freezer, alongside other untraceable foods and products intended for serving to customers. For him, a fine of 4,500 euros, seizure of nutria meat and another thirty kilos of products, now infested and contaminated, for subsequent disposal. For the bar, the suspension of the activity of the Valpadana health company was requested.

Nutria is an animal that cannot be eaten by people. It is a mammal of South American origins. In fact, it is a large rodent, which can weigh between five and ten kilos, sometimes up to seventeen kilos. Males are usually larger than females. They also live near urban centers in Italy and it is not unusual for them to be mistaken for large sewer rats, but the truth is that otters are absolutely harmless animals and are not dangerous to humans.


Dishes sandwiches nutria bartender trouble

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