“Random checks among the students. Whoever is without risk of a fine »- Corriere.it

“Random checks among the students. Whoever is without risk of a fine »- Corriere.it
“Random checks among the students. Whoever is without risk of a fine »- Corriere.it
from Gianna Fregonara

The Minister of the University: 75 percent capacity in universities for face-to-face lessons. For teachers, checks at the entrance or with the platform

At the end of a very long day, the Minister of the University Maria Cristina Messa has made the decision: true, a question from the Medicine test of September 3, number 56, wrong, there was an error in the transcription of a sign, we neutralize it: it will be worth a point and a half for everyone, for those who answered and who not. Once the story of the umpteenth error in the multiple choice tests for admission to the limited number faculties is closed, it’s time to check the resumption of activity in the universities. You go back in the presence, you go back with the green pass, everyone, even the students, not just the professors.

How can the green passes of thousands of students be checked every day?

The check will be random. The professor or his delegate can do the exams before the interrogation. One-to-one control for teachers and university staff. The smaller universities are able to do it at the entrance, the larger ones are activating platforms.

What if they find a student without a green pass?

They make it go out, a bit like on the train that gets off at the next station.

Will you also give a 400 euro fine?

The person in charge of compliance with the rules is the rector. Should there be particular situations, they will be reported to the relevant authorities. The spirit of the regulations on the obligation of green pass is clear, that of insisting on the vaccine to return to the presence.

The 600 professors who signed the appeal against the green pass, including the historian Alessandro Barbero, do not see it this way.

I learned of the appeal from the newspapers. I don’t think there is any concern about the green pass. I repeat: the spirit is another. Get vaccinated to return safely.

What will the capacity of the university classrooms be like? The rectors would always prefer the obligation of a mask but the abolition of the meter. Can it be done?

Universities will be able to welcome around 75 percent of their students back in attendance. For more numerous courses they will have to use integrated teaching with mixed lessons also online. The distance is a measure decided by the CTS, it cannot be changed.

The medicine test was a good test of using the green pass, but he risked being overwhelmed by an error in the questions. And not the first time.

The valid test. Unfortunately, a dash was skipped in question 56. We neutralize it, it will earn the same score for everyone.

And the other disputed questions?

In reality it is the answers posted on the site that are incorrect. In the correction, which is automatic, there will be no errors.

How is it possible that every time in the tests there is an error?

Next year we will set up a third level, ie external, control before releasing the applications. Today they are controlled by the commission that chooses them, then they pass to the Cineca that transcribes them, and they are again examined by the commission. You need an external eye.

And why isn’t it done?

To prevent them from going out early. We will find a solution and set up a monitoring commission.

Mistakes do nothing but generate mistrust of this selection system.

The selection system works. I don’t think it can be changed. But to set up a working group to study alternatives with two constraints: it must remain national to avoid recommendations as it happened in the past and it must remain based on the needs expressed by the Regions.

Not convinced.

If so far no alternative has been found, I do not think it will be possible to change. The barrier must still remain because courses for 70,000 students cannot be activated. I can try to develop an orientation and self-evaluation system, with texts and tutorial sites, for children starting from school that does not cost families.

Will it increase the places?

I don’t think the number will change that much. The boom in retirement among doctors in the coming years.

September 11, 2021 (change September 11, 2021 | 07:33 am)


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