from disputes (without discounts) to baciamano-

from disputes (without discounts) to baciamano-
from disputes (without discounts) to baciamano-

In Rome, in the electoral campaign that sways between fair play and fierce criticism, the chivalrous rite of hand kissing reappears. Author of the gesture Carlo Calenda that Wednesday, during a meeting between the CISL and the candidates for mayor, so greeted Virginia Raggi, his rival in the race for the Capitol. Smiles hinted behind the masks and desire to play down, despite the clashes that in the past, when the leader of Action was Minister of Economic Development, saw them as protagonists. “It came automatically to me. I understand that it can be considered antiquated – admits Calenda -, but not all that is old fashioned is to be thrown away. And then Raggi has beautiful hands ». The first town, which her staff describe as a witty woman as opposed to the epithet of “curmudgeon” that was given to her, she was at the game: «Of course these are precisely class elections …». In recent days, the opponents have also been in tune with the common request for a televised confrontation between the candidates and the defense of Roman Pastore, the 21-year-old social media manager in the field with the civic list of Calenda as a councilor in the III Municipality, attacked by the luxury watch and the designer clothes shown on social media: “I agree – the tweet of the former minister in favor of Raggi’s appeal for the TV debate before the vote -. And it’s the second time in a week. I begin to worry ».

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From Brunetta to Malagò, the kissing in politics

Yesterday, however, Calenda was less lenient towards Pastore, who on social media documented the signing of the referendum on euthanasia by showing off the same watch on his wrist. To stimulate the reaction of the former Minister of Development, a comment on social media: “You are looking for it”. The reply to the joke was: «I defended Roman with a sword, but enough with ‘I’m horrendous fool always in the foreground. You are a candidate for the City Hall. Legs over your shoulder and go get your vows. Avoid just talking about this. And what a drag !! Ride”. Spirit of finesse and true Romanism.

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