Mafia, the statue of little Di Matteo covered by a sheet: “A resolution is missing”

Mafia, the statue of little Di Matteo covered by a sheet: “A resolution is missing”
Mafia, the statue of little Di Matteo covered by a sheet: “A resolution is missing”

The bronze statue of the little one Giuseppe Di Matteo, killed by Cosa Nostra and dissolved in acid because he is the son of a collaborator of justice, covered by a white sheet. That’s what happened to the municipality of San Giuseppe Jato, in the province of Palermo. The reason? Exposure of the statue requires a resolution that is not there. The story is reconstructed by Republic-Palermo.

It was the boss Giovanni Brusca, arrested in ’96 and recently returned free, to order the killing of the child Giuseppe di Matteo, son of Santino. Strangled, the body was then dissolved in acid. The boy was kidnapped at the age of 12, in ’93, and held prisoner for 779 days, the gruesome ending took place on 11 January 1996 in a house-bunker in the countryside of San Giuseppe Jato.

Last 30 July in the town hall of the town of Palermo a statue was placed that commemorates the child with a passion for horse racing, portrayed in riding clothes. A bronze work made by the artist from Corleone Nicolò Governali. But in recent days the order has arrived to take away the sculpture, which in the meantime has been covered with a sheet to make it less “abusive“. The former Commissioner of the Municipality explained why, Salvatore Graziano, sent by the Region after dissolution for the Mafia and recently replaced by three commissioners appointed by the national government: “The Municipality is not just any place to exhibit a statue a resolution is needed, which is not there “. The steps do not seem so simple: the public administration must first accept the donation with a formal deed and only then can the authorization for the installation be carried out.

The uncle of the little one, Nunzio Di Matteo, who works at the Superintendency of Public Works, underlines that he has taken “a different path from my brother and I can go with my head held high. My commitment is now that of safeguarding the memory of Joseph ”. And on the story he remembers that “Graziano had given the green light for installation, then in recent days he called to say we had to take it off. But I have no intention of doing it, that statue remains there ”. Why did the official think again? “In this affair – says Graziano – I was not well supported by the municipal offices. I have already spoken with the new commissioners. Time to do all the formalities and then the statue will return to its place ”. But in the meantime the Centro Impastato immediately stepped forward, offering the family of little Di Matteo the opportunity to exhibit the sculpture in the No mafia memorial in Palermo, waiting for the bureaucratic affair to be released.


Mafia statue Matteo covered sheet resolution missing

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