all the tensions of the Lega-

all the tensions of the Lega-
all the tensions of the Lega-
from Francesco Verderami

From the line on the green pass to the identity of the party, in the Carroccio there is a lively internal debate that Secretary Salvini struggles to control

You see that for some reason Draghi e Salvini they cannot understand each other, because whenever the leader of the League says that it went well with the premier, something always happens. Even if in fact nothing happens, given that on the green pass the Carroccio supported the government’s line, first in the Chamber and then in the Council of Ministers. Only Salvini’s lexical bradyseism remains, which is not so dissimilar from that of other secretaries of the majority, and which Draghi has grown accustomed to by now. In fact, the prime minister maintains that the relationship with the Northern League leader is not bad at heart, an expression that matches his character. On the other hand, the important thing for him is to be clear about what you want to do. Go on.

Ahead of this step, the premier will extend the obligation of the green certificate and concentrated on the solution of the legal problems linked to the measure, which are more worrying than the political objections raised by the ally. To the point that for the moment the Senate does not expect to place its trust in the decree, despite the fact that in Palazzo Madama – as a manager of the League tells us – in our group there are more no vax than there are in the House. It remains to be understood why Salvini turned this issue into a trench line, despite his governors having advised him not to make it an element of the electoral campaign.

No way. Yesterday the distance between the governor’s words was noted Fedriga, who renewed the appeal to be vaccinated because you need clarity and common sense, and those pronounced by his secretary: My problem is not the unvaccinated, but the virus that changes by reaction to the vaccine. In the party there are those who did not want to believe it, just as many had not shared the line chosen at Montecitorio on the green pass: because by withdrawing their amendments and then voting on those of the Brothers of Italy, the subliminal message that basically had reason for Meloni to stand in the opposition. Not exactly the best, in view of the electoral derby for the Administrative.

But the topic that is fueling the greatest tensions in the League has something to do with the theme of identity. A very delicate issue tell authoritative leaders of the North, worried by the fact that the UGL is becoming a sort of transmission belt for the party, with a widespread membership in the territory of the men coming from the union. And if until some time ago the members were concentrated in the Central and Southern regions, now the phenomenon is spreading to the North. Where the exponents of the Carroccio have raised their antennas for fear of an internal climb. We will not hand over the League to others, one of the elders blurted out: Our history is not that of a right-wing party.

The question of identity is accompanied by the knot of the positioning of the party, e the northern soul perplexed about the future. On the right, Meloni has covered the space. It was inevitable, according to an MP from the Northern League: As Bossi said, “people always choose the original between the original and a copy”. And U.S? Are we betting on federation with Forza Italia? What if Berlusconi backed down at the last moment? The affair of the membership is animating a sort of virtual congressional debate, although the meetings of the League are not in sight and no one is questioning Salvini’s leadership. But it does not escape that the party is experiencing the same electoral trajectory that was first touched by Renzi, then by the grillini: after the peak there is a dive.

And this also affects the choices that the Administrative will follow. Between executives (almost) all bet that they will not go to politics next year. In diplomatic conversations with members of the Democratic Party, the Sherpas of the Carroccio have argued that if Draghi went to the Quirinale then an electoral government would be established. And the name of Franco, spent by a manager of the League with a dem parigrade, not just a way to explain that the current Minister of Economy would be entrusted with the drafting of the latest budget. also a signal to reassure the peons that they will never come back: a problem that afflicts Grillini and Democrats, but which also affects the Northern League. Because with the cut of the parliamentarians and the party at 20% next time there will be no room for everyone.

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