closed the investigation. Three of them risk the trial –

closed the investigation. Three of them risk the trial –
closed the investigation. Three of them risk the trial –

He had been overwhelmed by some stone blocks while working underground in the M4 construction site in Tirana square, per Raffaele Ielpo, 42-year-old worker employed by Metro Blu Scarl, there was no escape: he died shortly after hospitalization. Now the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office has closed the investigation, but only for three of the initial eight investigated the investigators decided to notify the notice of closure of the preliminary investigation, prelude to a request for indictment. These are the employer, the site manager and the safety coordinator during the execution of the works, are accused of manslaughter in relation to the rules on safety at work.

At three pm Maura Ripamonti disputes, for various reasons, of not having drawn up the operational safety plan in the part relating to the identification of the risk deriving from collapses during tunnel excavations, of not having prepared suitable reinforcements or similar and equally effective protections in order to prevent even partial landslides of the vault or of the walls and to have failed to verify the suitability of the operational safety plan of Metro Blu Scarl, ensuring its consistency with the Safety and Coordination Plan, with specific reference to the operational provisions to be followed during excavation works.

The accident had happened in the late afternoon of January 13, 2020, when Raffaele Ielpo, was suddenly hit by some large stone blocks while he was working in an underground room of the excavation, which had detached from the vault. Because of reported trauma to the chest and abdomen the worker had died in the hospital.

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9 September 2021 | 17:48



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