Elections in Rome, endorsement of Di Battista a Raggi

Elections in Rome, endorsement of Di Battista a Raggi
Elections in Rome, endorsement of Di Battista a Raggi

Elections mayor of Rome, Alessandro Di Battista in the field for Virginia Raggi. “I left the 5 Star Movement and every day that passes (alas) I find confirmation of the goodness of this choice. However, this does not prevent me from supporting Virginia Raggi”, writes on Facebook the former 5 Star deputy who this morning participated in the opening of the electoral campaign of the ‘ecological Rome’ list, which supports the race for an encore by the mayor of Rome. “And not only because I love you very much. I would feel protected, as a Roman, in seeing you re-elected mayor. I believe that you deserve the opportunity to finish a series of projects started, to resolve objectively unresolved issues, to continue with the rehabilitation ‘morale’ of our city “, he adds.

“If patience is the virtue of the strong, memory should be the virtue of the free. Here, to be truly free we must cultivate memory. So let’s think of Rome a few years ago. Let’s not take for granted what was a dream for years, or contracts regular, a capillary refurbishment of the roads, an unprecedented fight in favor of legality “, continues Di Battista in his post.

“Rome, years ago, in the world, was this”, remarks the former Roman parliamentarian: “Illegality, debt out of control (the good ones at Veltroni or Alemanno left 13 billion euros in debt), capital corruption, arrests, contracts given with ease, pharaonic works never finished, Ostia in the hands of the clans. Have we forgotten all this? The incredible campaign of delegitimization (also and above all on a personal level) suffered by Virginia made us forget all this? Not to me. I forget. I support a strong and respectable woman and I do it without any interest other than being a citizen of Rome. I am not a member of political parties, I am not looking for any position, no field of politics. I simply see, know and remember. to the wolf Virgì! “.

“Here someone perhaps forgets what Rome was and what the havoc was before Virginia arrived. Today Virginia is under guard also because she tore down the houses of the Casamonica family. This is the truth, Rome is no longer seen nationally as the city of ill repute, dishonesty, contracts granted to ‘friends of friends’. This is a fact ”; Di Battista also said during the initiative in support of the re-nomination.


Elections Rome endorsement Battista Raggi

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