No vax, searches and suspects. Shock chat: “Let’s blow up the TV trucks”

No vax, searches and suspects. Shock chat: “Let’s blow up the TV trucks”
No vax, searches and suspects. Shock chat: “Let’s blow up the TV trucks”

Rome, 9 September 2021 – Offensive of the police against the excesses of the galaxy no vax. I am 8 search warrants carried out by the police against as many no vax under investigation for aggravated instigation to commit a crime. The searches – conducted by the Digos and the Milan Postal Police in collaboration with the territorially competent offices – involved the provinces of Milan, Rome, Venice, Padua, Bergamo and Reggio Emilia. The investigations were coordinated by the head of the district anti-terrorism section of the Milan prosecutor’s office, Alberto Nobili, and by prosecutor Piero Basilone. The suspects are active members of a Telegram group named “The warriors“in which violent actions are planned to be carried out – even with the use of DIY weapons and explosives – on the occasion of demonstrations “no green pass” organized throughout the country, in particular the one scheduled in the capital for 11 and 12 September next.

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Unprecedented group of 50-year-olds

The No Vax investigated group is made up of people almost all 50-year-olds, who proudly proclaimed themselves unvaccinated, with no significant precedents, and who would never have been noticed for some intemperance in previous protests. This is the profile provided by Digos of the eight involved, 5 men and 3 women (and not the other way around, as reported on the first), 7 of whom between 43 and 56 years old, and one 33 years old. Two of these are resident in the province of Milan, two in Rome, 1 in Bergamo (aged 33), 1 in Reggio Emilia, 1 in Venice and 1 in Padua.

Found brass knuckles and katanas

The main administrators of the Telegram group were a 46-year-old Milanese and a 43-year-old Roman woman. allowed, and was reported), while a sword was seized at the home of the one in Reggio Emilia Katana, a truncheon and of pepper spray. Two were also seized during the searches tirapugni. The only one who had a sort of political ideology was a woman residing in the province of Venice, who in the past had been close to the separatist circles of the ‘Serenissimi’.

Shock cat

“When we go to Rome the first” to attack “are the journalists”, the no vaxes involved in the operation stated in chat, inviting to “use Molotov cocktails“(which does not appear to possess) to” blow up the TV vans “. According to what was reported in the police headquarters in Milan, for the press, considered subservient to the regime, they had a real hatred”. In the chat, from which the directives in view of the demonstration in Rome emerge, the no vax targeted “journalists, the media will be the first to leave – reads the text of the investigation of the Milan prosecutor’s office -. hidden in the distance you see the vans of private or public TV, set them on fire …. a Molotov cocktail … set them on fire. Ok guys I don’t want to see journalists …. – the message continues – you also understand why I don’t want to see them ? Huh? … Because … how many people have they killed … how many people guys. How many of our old men have they killed. ”

“Raze Parliament with everyone inside “. It was also the activists’ purpose. In the Telegram group called ‘The warriors’, they illustrated their plan against the Chamber as follows:” Just a small drone … piloted remotely from one of the rooftops of Rome … a 500 grams of TNT and drop it during the session… there will be no evidence left and it will have its effect “.

“At the moment, from our monitoring, it does not appear that there are other similar chats, with No Vax that instigate violent actions”, said the executives of Digos Guido D’Onofrio and of the Lombardy Postal and Communications Police Department, Tiziana Liguori. The Telegram group of which the 8 suspects were the inspirers had about 200 participants.

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