Weather forecast, whirlwind over Italy. Lightning flood risk: here’s where – Chronicle

Weather forecast, whirlwind over Italy. Lightning flood risk: here’s where – Chronicle
Weather forecast, whirlwind over Italy. Lightning flood risk: here’s where – Chronicle

the forecast of tomorrow, Friday 10 September, announce the arrival of a depression vortex which will bring a wave of severe bad weather in Sardinia, with some unstable reflections even in the South. The scenario will evolve further at the beginning of the weekend, when the situation will become even more turbulent right on the southern regions.

Starting from Friday, the team announces that “a mad vortex” will hit Sardinia, causing substantial rainfall also in the form of thunderstorms. The most intense phenomena are expected on the northern sectors of the island, with particular attention to province of Sassari, where they are not excluded flash floods. With the passing of the hours some showers could then reach the Tyrrhenian area, bathing some areas of Calabria and Sicily (details at the bottom of the article). On the rest of Italy, time will remain instead overall sunny, with the exception of some afternoon disturbances on the Alpine borders of the North West.

As anticipated, in
weekend boot the low pressure center will shift its center of gravity to the South. This is also confirmed by 3BMeteo, according to which
Saturday 11 September we will have “gradually intensifying rains and thunderstorms […] on Cilento, Calabria, Sicily and Basilicata, with hailstorms and possible storms “.
Weaker phenomena they also seem destined to interest Puglia. Elsewhere the sun will prevail, except
some downpours on the Alpine reliefs.
Sunday 12 September the vortex will finally tend to move away from our country, leaving only a little bit of
residual instability on Salento, Calabria and Sicily.

The detailed weather forecast for Friday 10 September


Scattered clouds, with heavier skies in the afternoon over Liguria, the Alps and the Pre-Alps (especially Piedmontese). Some rain on the border reliefs. Maximum temperatures: 25 ° in Genoa, 24 ° in Turin, 27 ° in Milan.


General conditions of good weather, except for some more cloud cover on the Emilian Apennines. Maximum temperatures: 29 ° in Bolzano, 30 ° in Bologna, 26 ° in Venice.

Center and Sardinia

Showers and thunderstorms on Sardinia already in the morning, with very intense phenomena. Later clouds also increased on the Tyrrhenian coasts; for the rest, lots of sun. Maximum temperatures: 26 ° in Cagliari, 31 ° in Florence, 29 ° in Rome.

South and Islands

From the afternoon possible showers on southern Calabria and more northern sectors of Sicily. On the remaining regions a sunny start, then irregular clouds on the rise, in particular over Campania (but in a dry context). Maximum temperatures: 29 ° in Napol and Bari, 30 ° in Palermo.

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