Pinto (Axpo): “Proud to present a sustainable solution in Rome”

Pinto (Axpo): “Proud to present a sustainable solution in Rome”
Pinto (Axpo): “Proud to present a sustainable solution in Rome”

Rome, 9 Sept. (Adnkronos) – “Today in Rome, the capital of Italy, we are proud to present our solution for sustainable mobility”. This was stated by Salvatore Pinto, president of Axpo Italia, on the occasion of the inauguration in Rome of the first public charging stations for electric vehicles.
“Let’s start with the installation of 24 columns in 8 key areas of the city. This represents our commitment so that Rome becomes an example of sustainable mobility on a citizen’s scale for the whole country, bearing in mind the serious problem of climate change that we are experiencing – he adds – This is a starting point for a great process of innovation in the city ​​of Rome “.
“Europe and the world have set themselves very ambitious targets for the reduction of CO2. Unfortunately, mobility is one of the major contributors to negative emissions and electric mobility is an important contribution to decarbonisation. Electric mobility means infrastructure, digitalization but also employment. This is a great opportunity for the whole industry, for the country, for a clean environment. We will make our contribution in Italy and in the other countries where we are present ”, concludes Pinto.

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Pinto Axpo Proud present sustainable solution Rome

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