“Also for parliamentarians”: Fdi’s move on the green pass

“Also for parliamentarians”: Fdi’s move on the green pass
“Also for parliamentarians”: Fdi’s move on the green pass

The rules on the green pass they may also relate to what happens in Parliament, where the so-called “green certificate” could become mandatory over the next few days.

This is true at least for one branch of the two, that is, for the House of Representatives. One of the novelties of the last few hours, in fact, concerns a position taken by the Brothers of Italy, which would like a treatment unit, between the outside and the inside of the places predisposed to political-legislative activity, regarding the green pass. The reasoning presented by the party led by Giorgia Meloni sounds more or less like this: if the green certificate is mandatory outside the buildings, why shouldn’t it also become mandatory inside the buildings? It is worth underlining how Fdi is a party opposed to the instrument chosen by the government chaired by Mario Draghi.

In short, the opposition to the executive of national unity has launched the issue of the need to equalize the provisions for those who are not parliamentarians with the provisions that instead influence the work activity of those elected by the Italians and therefore sit among the benches. The group leader of Brothers of Italy to the Francesco Lollobrigida Chamber which, according to what was retraced by theActedhe said he asked “several times, despite our political strength – and I, personally – we believe – noted – the green pass is a useless tool, that the rules applied to Italian citizens were also applied to the parliamentarians of the Republic, who are representatives of the people, have guarantees, but must not have privileges “. In short, Mr Meloniano almost makes it a question of social justice.

Always the group leader Francesco Lollobrigida he then motivated his request, also placing emphasis on the number of people involved in and by parliamentary work: “Since it seems obvious to me – I repeat it, taken for granted – that in this House – said the Melonian exponent, as the aforementioned agency always traces – , when in these square meters there are hundreds of parliamentarians who are present, the same rule should apply that applies to gatherings outside this Chamber, I would like to know, formally, if the Presidency has deemed it appropriate to ask the parliamentarians for entry into Classify the green pass or instead believe that the privilege of being exempt from an instrument imposed on our people is a correct thing “, he commented.

In essence, the Melonian’s question is addressed to the President of the Chamber of Deputies Roberto I am, which has not yet specified which is the line of the Chamber regarding the green pass. Already during the summer, after all, Fico had asked the Quaestors for an investigation into this story of the rules relating to the “green certificate” for Palazzo Montecitorio. But since then Fico has not communicated any clarifications. And today Fdi has opted to push. It is not even obvious, apparently, that it is the exponent of 5 Star Movement to pronounce on the merits and in a short time: it is possible that the Conference of the group leaders will take a position that could solve the puzzle posed by the party led by Giorgia Meloni.

In any case, the issue was received positively by numerous forces present in Parliament: Come on Italy, Italia Viva and the Democratic Party seem to agree with the approach and with the requests on the extension of the obligation to have the green pass also for those who sit between the parliamentary seats. We will see if and how, over the next few hours, the third state office will decide to intervene on what Mr Lollobrigida asked today.

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