Milan, skyscraper in flames: the prosecutor seizes the Torre dei Moro

Milan, skyscraper in flames: the prosecutor seizes the Torre dei Moro
Milan, skyscraper in flames: the prosecutor seizes the Torre dei Moro

The Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office ordered the seizure of the Torre dei Moro, the 18-storey skyscraper that caught fire on August 29, and of the surrounding area to verify the “dangerousness” of the structure, also because from the assessments of the firefighters, which are still ongoing, the risk of collapses cannot be ruled out.

The Tower, built in 2011, was already in fact under seizure, but today the Prosecutor’s Office signed the provision. Meanwhile, the investigation for culpable disaster continues. Investigators are focusing on triggering the fire, which started from an apartment on the 15th floor for an “accidental cause”. One of the hypotheses was excluded that of a short circuit, since the owner of the house and his son reported that the electricity was disconnected.

Now investigations are being made on the hypothesis of the lens effect, which occurs when the sun’s rays are reflected from a bottle and ignite a waste. There are no certainties, but it is a hypothesis that is taken into consideration.

The investigations on the materials used to build the sail-shaped external cladding also continue, which caught fire in a few minutes, because it was made of highly flammable panels. Aza Aghito Zambonini, who built that facade, wanted to specify that they did not produce the external panels, but that they purchased them from the manufacturing company Alucoil sau of Burgos (Spain). Coatings that “were fully compliant with the technical specifications of the project and with the regulations in force in 2009”,

The investigations, coordinated by the adjunct Tiziana Siciliano and by the prosecutor Marina Petruzzella, go on with the analysis of all the documents acquired so far in relation to the security holes, especially on the flammable materials used for the external coating.

In the meantime, the Municipality of Milan “is helping families who have lost everything and from today we are receiving them in small groups to see how to help them find accommodation for the next few years”. This was explained by the Councilor for Urban Planning of the Municipality of Milan, Pierfrancesco Maran, speaking of displaced families. “Today they are staying in the hotel but we foresee that the tower will take years, so they will need a house for three or four years and the solution does not have to be the first that happens,” he added.

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