Pordenone, 769 days of absence in three years: prof under investigation

The teacher was reported to the Court of Auditors for a alleged tax damage of 110 thousand euros. The checks carried out, also through documentary acquisitions and witness hearings, made it possible to ascertain how the man, to carry out his extra-school assignments, not only had not obtained the prior, mandatory, authorization from the Administration to which he belongs, but had omitted to declare to the Bodies and companies where he would have carried out his professional activity that he was a public employee.

In the periods of “certified” absence from school – then illegitimate results – the subject received the foreseen allowances. The investigating judge, at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, has already issued a preventive seizure order of 13 thousand euros corresponding to the allowances (sickness or parental leave) advanced by the Administration to which he belongs, on behalf of INPS, and unlawfully received by the professor . This measure was also confirmed by the Review Court.

Rejected investigation shift – The prof lives in the province of Agrigento, where his lawyer wanted to move the investigation. In July, the panel chaired by the judge of the Court of Pordenone, Alberto Rossi, rejected the request: the investigation remains in Friuli and the sum is sequestered.

The teacher was on duty from 2016 to 2019 at the “Kennedy” industrial technical institute in Pordenone, where he taught Applied Mathematics. The Fiamme Gialle reconstructed the teacher’s movements during absences and, by cross-referencing data relating to motorway tolls or hotel bookings, they discovered that while he was on sick leave or parental leave he went to consult in other Italian locations.

Among the various companies for which he has served there is also one of Ministry of the Environment and the protection of the territory, from which he obtained almost 40 thousand euros. From what we learn, in the past he also held important administrative positions in the city where he resides.


Pordenone days absence years prof investigation

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