The “real” marijuana sold in the distributors of the light weed

The “real” marijuana sold in the distributors of the light weed
The “real” marijuana sold in the distributors of the light weed

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07 September 2021 08:25

On paper, light marijuana. In reality, drugs with a Thc content higher than the maximum limit established by law, 0.5%. The financial police of the provincial command of Milan seized over 14 kilos of “weed” passed off as legal – precisely because it has a low content of Thc – and sold in shops and vending machines around the Milanese province.

The investigation of the yellow flames, called “Just smoke”, was triggered last March, when the Melegnano investigators had carried out a check by some light cannabis wholesalers, ascertaining – a note reads – that they actually “marketed products with a drug content higher than the limit permitted by law “.

Then 9.3 kilos of drugs had been seized – a part already packaged in 2 thousand sachets of 1 and 3 grams – and the two legal representatives of two companies based in the hinterland were reported to the Milan prosecutor’s office. “The examination of the administrative and accounting documentation acquired in the initial phase – underlined by the Gdf – has also made it possible to reconstruct the sales chain and to identify all the economic partners of the drug supplier company”.

So in the past few hours, checks have been triggered in 27 shops selling legal cannabis – whose owners may be unaware of everything – and another 4 kilos and 700 grams of marijuana, sold in brightly colored sachets and captivating names, have been seized. such as “Amnesia Dream”, “Gelato”, “Caramel Fruit” and “Cookie Hash”. The “fake legal” weed was sold over the counter while the premises were open or in vending machines which – highlights the finance – were supplied by the same wholesalers.

Furthermore, some of the machines – again according to the investigations – did not have the necessary tools to recognize the identity of the customers with the result that cannabis light – actually a full-fledged drug – could also be purchased by minors.


real marijuana sold distributors light weed

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