Rome, the ten proposals of the trade unions to the candidates for mayors –

Rome, the ten proposals of the trade unions to the candidates for mayors –
Rome, the ten proposals of the trade unions to the candidates for mayors –

there the 10 shares for the mayor, proposed by the confederal trade unions. A decalogue why Rome is in fact a city without a government, in complete disarray, said i general secretaries of CGIL Rome and Lazio, Cisl Roma Capitale and Rieti and Uil Lazio, Michele Azzola, Carlo Costantini and Alberto Civica, the capital is experiencing an economic, social, cultural decay that has deep origins and whose causes are still not addressed by the municipal administration and the city ruling class. And they propose a Pact for work, because in fact Rome a city of jobs, that’s what he called it Michele Azzola, while it is necessary to return to professionally qualified work and with real and lasting contracts, no longer of short or very short duration.

From housing to waste, from transport to the suburbs, from social services to procurement, the quality of life continues to deteriorate, according to the confederal unions, above all because it works only in an emergency; nothing is planned and designed and this has produced probably unprecedented social unease. The inequalities have increased while the city becomes impoverished. Even the quality of essential services, often already precarious, has further regressed with serious repercussions at an economic and social level, but also at a cultural, environmental and technological development level. And for this they also propose to mend the relationship between citizens and public service companies, involving them in the necessary renovations: The Romans were in fact expropriated in the use of transport and sustainable mobility, he adds Carlo Costantini, they must be listened to in their needs. And if the employment stability is the first commitment that CGIL, CISL and UIL ask the future mayor and at its junction, Michele Azzola he also did a appeal to Roman citizens to participate in the vote. So you can participate in the revitalization of the city.

Alberto Civica instead he recalled that Rome would need a mayor, which we did not have. A mayor who is a point of reference, an element of dialogue and stability in the relationship with other institutions such as the region and the government. There are themes like the powers of Rome that they cannot be solved by the mayor of Rome alone. As for the smart working, he talked about it Cola Christmas, the secretary of Rome and Lazio: We have not done smart working – he said – but simply a work from home. Smart working must be assessed on a case-by-case basis e a negotiation must be made with the union. As for the proposal of the minister Renato Brunetta of 15% an error as are all the actions that make linear cuts. The percentage must be decided through bargaining and on the basis of the type of services, and on the basis of the ability of the administrations to provide services to citizens online. The point not the percentage but the quality of the services.

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