the unsolved mystery of the flames. The company advised against the panels-

the unsolved mystery of the flames. The company advised against the panels-
the unsolved mystery of the flames. The company advised against the panels-

Suspects don’t smoke. And this is a big problem. Why excluded the most common – from short circuit to battery malfunction – now among the most remote hypotheses, the firefighters look for the cause of the fire on the 15th floor in the tower of via Antonini. Remote means not only infrequent on the basis of casuistry, but that in order to ignite a flame they need a series of circumstances so consequential (temperature, humidity, composition and arrangement of the material) that they are almost impossible to put in a row. Yet that almost does not mean impossible, as long as the so-called perfect storm has not occurred on the balcony of the 15th floor of the Torre dei Moro.

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The first photos from inside the building destroyed by the fire in via Antonini, in Milan

Ten days after the fire that destroyed the 18-story tower and left 72 inhabitants homeless, even the almost impossible can no longer be discarded. The report of the fire-fighting investigative unit of the firefighters at the stake on Sunday 29 August has not yet arrived on the table of the magistrates Tiziana Siciliano and Marina Petruzzella but in the investigators the hypothesis of an external event also makes its way: a butt fell on the balcony which then triggered the burning of garbage and some household goods left by the owner’s son (who lives there) in June before moving to Syracuse.

The problem of this double reconstruction: it is not automatic that a butt is able to trigger a fire, especially outdoors, and moreover none of the neighbors on the side or upstairs seems to have the habit of smoking. As well as the janitor Walter Aru, last to enter the apartment the previous Monday, to water the succulents. The analysis on consumption provided by A2a excluded that the two-room apartment had active electrical devices: no current, no short circuit.

The fire in via Antonini in Milan: insights

The owner’s son, overheard by investigators Friday, said on the balcony there were no objects capable of igniting as a result of malfunctions. And the inspection by NIA technicians confirmed the absence of devices at risk. For this reason the investigations continue and indeed, they start again from the beginning. From the verification of the witness accounts and who could have access to the apartment. The presence of a person in the two-room apartment on the 15th floor in the hours preceding the fire would remove imaginative theories and mysteries. And it might explain in a more straightforward way what happened that afternoon

Much more concrete are the results of the trend that aims to shed light on the external cladding of the tower. The Aza Aghito Zambonini of Fiorenzuola, searched on Friday by the judicial police, wanted to clarify with a press release that it had not produced the burnt sheets: Bens bought the composite panel from the manufacturer Alucoil of Burgos (Spain). Coatings that were fully compliant with the technical specifications of the project and the regulations in force in 2009 and were chosen and approved by the client of the contract. So by the builders. The manufacturer would have advised against the installation of those panels (Alucoil Pe) which today fall into category E of the fire regulations En 13501-1. They range from A (flame retardant) to F, and class E means Highly Flammable Combustible Materials. Because of this panels of this category are now prohibited by law. At the time, the company said they were unsuitable for large facades. However, the classifications of those years were different.

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