Room eight and Bernardo decimo-

Room eight and Bernardo decimo-
Room eight and Bernardo decimo-

More than a card, a sheet. Where is it in the first place, sliding from the left there will be the socialist, Giorgio Goggi and in the last place the communist Bianca Miriam Tedone of Potere al Popolo. To find the two main contenders you have to scroll through the long ranking. Beppe Sala is in eighth position and Luca Bernardo in tenth.

Monday, in the halls of the Civic Services of via Larga the draw for the place in the ballot and in the electoral posters was staged of the 13 candidates for statutory auditors and of the 28 lists supporting the candidates for the post of mayor. Nothing comparable to the draw for the Champions League, but some thrills also occurred among the list representatives present at the draw because the first and last places are clearly the most coveted ones due to the increased visibility. A speech that is not only valid for the candidates but also for the lists that support it, especially if, as in the case of Sala and Bernardo, there are many. Eight for the outgoing mayor and six for the center-right candidate. it went well in Milan in Salute, the first list in support of Sala, but also went well in Volt, the pan-European party, which closes the line. Enough to snatch the comment of one of those present: What a stroke of luck !. As well as the European Liberal Party, the first list in support of Bernardo and Forza Italia, whose symbol will close the list of parties that support the pediatrician.

Here is the order in which the candidates will find themselves in the maxi card. In first place, Giorgio Goggi supported by the Socialists of Milan and Milan Liberal. Below: Natale Azzaretto, Communist Workers’ Party; Gabriele Mariani, Civic environmentalist Mariani and Milan in the Municipality; Layla Pavone, 5S 2050 Movement; Alessandro Pascale, Communist Party; Mauro Festa, Gay Party; Gianluigi Paragone, Milan Mayor comparison and the great north confederation; Giuseppe Sala, Milan in Salute, Pd, Beppe Sala mayor, the Reformists, the Left for Sala Milano Unita, the radical Milan with Sala, Europa Verdi, Volt; Theodosius De Bonis, Verit 3V freedom; Luca Bernardo, European Liberal Party, Giorgia Meloni Brothers of Italy, Lega Salvini premier, Luca Bernardo mayor, Maurizio Lupi Popular Milan, Forza Italia; Bryant Biavaschi, Milan starts here; Marco Muggiani, PCI; Bianca Miriam Tedone, Power to the people.

Waiting for the sheet sheet, yesterday Bernardo returned to the possible support of Lealt and Action through the Northern League player Max Bastoni: Extremisms always condemn them. I am not supported by Lealt and Action. While Sala rejected Bernardo’s proposal to keep two stadiums, the new one and San Siro dedicated to concerts or matches of the national team. I exclude the use of two stadiums because the cost of maintaining the stadium is enormous. What if we said we use it (the Meazza, ed) for the national team, I want to see what other cities would respond to. Another battleground is the competition within the center-right between the League and FdI. To turn on the powders Sala: it is clear to everyone that FdI is trying to climb the hierarchy within the center-right. Beyond the advantage or disadvantage for us, it is not something that may surprise. I too, out of curiosity, await what the result will be. I do not feel the competition with respect to my person – replies Bernardo – and with respect to the solidity of the coalition and the meetings we hold. We talk, see each other and will see each other more and more often.

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