ideas for the first 100 days

ideas for the first 100 days
ideas for the first 100 days

Everyone calls for the broom. In the sense that they will clean up Roma from rubbish and weeds, to “restore dignity to the Eternal City”. And if Roberto Gualtieri looks at governance, at the administrative machinery to be restarted starting from the Municipalities, Carlo Calenda wants to recognize an institutional role of associations for the use of so-called common goods and maintenance of the metro.

For his part, Enrico Michetti also focuses on safety, on the establishment of a permanent table in the Prefecture that gives more space to the needs of the territories. While Virginia Raggi should give yet another acceleration on the relaunch of the suburbs. There is less than a month to go to the first round and the teams, the junta, have not been drafted, but the challengers to the chair of mayor of Rome have clear ideas on what to do in the event of an election in the first hundred days of the mandate. He clearly looks to the continuity with his previous term Virginia Raggi.

The mayor will shortly present her program, but from the Capitol they explain that among the priorities of the future council there are the suburbs, with other urban redevelopment projects. Then the plans for the construction of the new four tramways will go ahead, the planning is in fact ready, and the maintenance of the subway armaments will start. On the front of the center-left Roberto Gualtieri makes it known: «Our first measures will concern the governance of the Municipality. In particular, we will give greater powers to the Municipalities. With those changes we will be able to better address the most pressing problems. There are already 23 resolutions on transport and measures to clean up the city and restore the dignity in which to live for the Romans.

In his program he dedicated a chapter to the first 100 days as mayor: first of all simplifying and reorganizing the bureaucratic machine, starting from the competences of the departments and municipalities (expanding the powers on school, commerce and public parks). Then maintenance of the means of transport and cleaning of the city. In the list of interventions also the transfer of powers from the Region to the Municipality. Yesterday morning Carlo Calenda, presenting the Action list for the Capitol (“The only real civic with people far from the parties”) announced that “the first resolution will be on common goods”.

Government, the “slaps” to Salvini and the doubts of the big names. But there is no challenger in the League

That is, also recognizing a role for associations in the management of green spaces or structures to help the weakest. In his program, the former Minister for Development speaks of an extraordinary plan to clean up the city worth 40 million euros, including “sweeping of public areas, removal of weeds, cancellation of vandal writings and collection of leaves”. And he is ready to launch the “neighborhood sweeper”. On the transport front, there is a general overhaul of the metro and the purchase of 18 new trains. On the security front, here is “the networking of 6 thousand public and private cameras already online” and the reform of the local police and the construction of its own citadel “.

The program of the first three months for the candidate of the Center-right, Enrico Michetti, is also wide. The lawyer-tribune, on waste, in addition to a cleaning operation, also spoke about the installation of ecological islands and transfer facilities, necessary to avoid piling up rubbish on the street. The stations also need to be cleaned of decay. He then wants to expand the tables on safety in the Prefecture to the Municipalities and accelerate the stadiums in Rome and Lazio.


Meanwhile there are sparks among the mayoral candidates. Clamor for the decision to include Francesca Benvenuto in the civic list of Michetti, who in the past has been noted for no vax and anti-Semitic positions. Calenda asked for his retirement and the lawyer-tribune said he «dissociated himself from the opinions expressed in the past by Francesca Benevento. I was not aware of it ». But it also ends up in the crosshairs for Maico Cecconi, now candidate for president at the III for Action, and in the past close to FdI and Lega. New skirmishes between Gualtieri and Raggi on the outskirts. “Virginia in San Basilio they know you because you abandoned them.” The mayor’s reply: «In the suburbs they don’t even know who you are. The Democratic Party has forgotten them for decades and now you have the courage to even speak up ».


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