On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 7 September:

On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 7 September:
On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 7 September:
Covid-19 – The “best” in the pandemic

Draghi orders, Salvini folds: now more Green passes for everyone

The cul de sac is also evident to his loyalists: “As he moves, Matthew gets slapped”. So it was last Thursday when the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, to react to the League’s vote against the Green pass commission, re-launched on the extension of the green certificate and on the obligation to vaccinate, and so it will be in the coming days […]

30,000 on the list if I could have a thousand euros a month

The numbers return an apparent paradox: confidence in parties is at a minimum (9 percent from the Demos survey at the end of 2020) and the turnout for the next administrators risks beating the negative peaks of five years ago (in Naples, in the second round , one in three voters turned up). Yet this crisis does not affect it […]

Draghi al Colle

Zingaretti, but also Letta: the Democratic Party breaks the taboo of the polls

The split dem – Between elections and congress, the currents are once again at war

The operation

Carrai, those 300 thousand euros from the fund in business with CDP

Gold advice. Renzi’s friend was paid by the American Advent. Mystery about the type of service performed: “Duty of confidentiality”


The Sala di Sala environmentalist: he has not yet joined the Greens

Electoral bluff – The first citizen in the running for an encore announced in March his green turn, after years of concrete: since then nothing more

Bales with wings

Alitalia, Brussels did not require the government to scrape personnel

The facts – No dictates in official documents: ITA he did not want obligations, the Mef hid behind the EU

GF vip

Signorini, all for the share: even the sharia (pariolina)

Enlist the ultra of jealousy and manipulation

The pact of Rome

Vaccines to poor countries, the G8 Finance will decide

In August, after the announcement of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in South Africa was loudly announced, there was a great deal of mobilization to prevent much of the doses produced there from being exported to the European Union. In part it succeeded. For the rest it shows that the way to produce anti-Covid vaccines 19 […]

The leader of the 5 stars

Selfie and applause: baptism in Naples for Conte’s tour

In Campania we left him in August in Salerno to baptize an M5S list antagonist to Vincenzo De Luca’s Pd. We find him yesterday in Naples to present an M5S list allied with the dem who are not only Vincenzo De Luca here. Naples, the only big city painted yellow. Here again, Giuseppe Conte, was missing in the capital […]

Debate – In Italy – Meloni & C. want to abolish it

And the OECD blesses the DRC: “It has reduced the damage caused by Covid”

While much of the parliamentary arc continues to indicate it as the cause of all the ills of the country, yesterday the Citizenship Income received a new recognition of the results obtained. In its Economic Survey on Italy, the OECD noted that the measure has “helped reduce the level of poverty of the poorest”. […]


And the OECD blesses the DRC: “It has reduced the damage caused by Covid”

In Italy – Meloni & C. want to abolish it

Brunetta is a 21st century Luddite

It is equally difficult to understand both Renzi’s fury against citizenship income, and Brunetta’s against smart working. The first seems to be the result of an incurable congenital malice; the second of an amendable historical oversight. Brunetta argues – and there is no reason to doubt it – that her primary purpose is to provide citizens with services […]

The strategy – Digital transition

Cloud: Colao calls, no one answers

Many expressions of interest but still zero projects from operators and companies

The case

Madia “copiona” loses the case with the Fact: “Chronicle of investigation”

The sentence: the summons of the former minister rejected

Colle, work, justice, ethics: the words of our party

The 3 days of the fact. From Conte to Gratteri

Bolsonaro, the coup is the last card

Brazil, return to 1964 or January 6, 2021, Capitol Hill. In the first case we speak of the coup as the one perpetrated by the Brazilian military against the government of João Goulart; the second sees thousands of people attacking the American Congress on the day of the inauguration of President Joe Biden. Those dramas could come back today. So they alert […]


The Panshir is without allies, the Talib have more appeal

Resistance – The National Front does not recognize defeat but it is more a political game than a military one: it hopes to get a representative seat in the new government


Saadi, the former footballer changes team: plays for Erdogan

Alliances – Gaddafi from prison to Turkey


Adieu, “Magnifique”: from now on it will no longer be a Belmondo

The fetish actor of Godard, Truffaut, De Sica & C, Delon’s partner and rival

At the beach

Ciak reads, from abortion to the “Catholic School”

Mordini brings the Strega Albinati award out of competition: pale film, especially when compared with “The event” by Ernaux

Herbs, recycling, design, art and agriculture: the Fuori Salone in Milan is tinged with “green”

Sustainable exhibitions and events until Friday

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