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The calls for the digitalization of companies in Lazio were presented yesterday in Rome

“Today is an extraordinary day of institutional cooperation which testifies to how much working in synergy to achieve common goals is the winning card to get out of this period of crisis. “

This is the thought of the president of the Camera from Trade from Frosinone e Latina and vice president of Unioncamere Lazio, Giovanni Acampora, with whom he opened his speech at the press conference for the presentation of the notices for the digitization of businesses of the Lazio held yesterday morning at the headquarters of Camera from Trade from Roma – Room of the Temple from Adriano – and organized by the Lazio Region and the Lazio Chamber system.

“Technologies have and will increasingly play a fundamental role in our new way of living the world and the production system – continued Acampora – Emergencies, from health to environmental, as well as economic and social ones, push towards solutions to high technology and new business models. It is therefore necessary to carry out a pervasive change of many of the founding paradigms of our society and which concern: work, education and business, which will also be redesigned with a view to full environmental sustainability. In this innovative key, Digitization is a crucial issue. We must be able to redesign a better world and a sustainable future, creating a cultural climate conducive to innovation and an ecosystem prone to digital even in the provincial micro realities – added the president Acampora – Chambers of Commerce and the business world are traveling together this epochal change that is leading to new ways of interacting, in the awareness that technological progress, in all its expressions, can change the face of the company: reacting easily to innovation means being willing to rethink one’s business model before it someone else in some other part of the world ”.

Support the competitiveness and growth of the regional production system, promoting the digital transition of Lazio’s SMEs. This is the aim of two calls presented today during the conference “Security and Digital Innovation of Enterprises”. In addition to the President Acampora, the President of the Rome Chamber of Commerce and Unioncamere Lazio, Lorenzo Tagliavanti, participated in the event; the Vice President of the Lazio Region and Councilor for Economic Planning, Budget, State Property and Heritage, Institutional Relations, Relations with the Regional Council, Program Agreements and Services Conference, Daniele Leodori; the Regional Councilor for Economic Development, Commerce and Handicraft, University, Research, Start-Up and Innovation, Paolo Orneli; the Regional Councilor for Ecological Transition and Digital Transformation, Roberta Lombardi and the President of the Rieti – Viterbo Chamber of Commerce and Vice President of Unioncamere Lazio, Domenico Merlani.

The total allocation presented today is equal to 7.5 million euros, to which is added a further million euros from the tender that will be made available to the Chamber of Commerce of Frosinone and Latina, after the closing of the tender of the Lazio Region. A total of 8.5 million euros, therefore, of which 5 million euros made available by the Lazio Region and destined for businesses throughout the region; 2.5 million by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome and which will be allocated exclusively to companies in Rome and its province and one million euros made available by the Chamber of Lower Lazio.

“The value of the announcement presented today – concluded President Acampora – does not lie only in the provision of important financial resources made available by the Region to encourage increasingly pervasive investments in terms of digitization, but is above all in the tangible expression of a desire to networking between institutions, activating an experimental model of joint intervention in the field of digitization. In this perspective, as the Frosinone-Latina Chamber of Commerce, we will do our part. “

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