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Dear Beppe and dear italians, I live in Holland and for several years I have inherited a property in Calabria (Lamezia Terme). As a resident abroad I am entitled to a 50% reduction of the Tari. I always took advantage of this discount once requested in 2017. This year when the Tari arrived, the surprise: full rate. Why? Simple, in March they changed the regulation and by 2021 the application had to be submitted again by April 30th 2021. The new regulation was published on April 12th. Yes, you read correctly 18 days to make the new request. Obviously, I have not received any communication. How did I know about the change in the new regulation? According to the competent office, I should have constantly checked the municipality’s website to be aware of the changes. Does this seem normal to you? I can also understand that the municipality wants to check every year that I still have the right to the reduction but why not do it actively? How can I trust an institution that seems to go out of its way to rip me off? Impossible then ask for a refund of course. Example of efficient bureaucracy: last year I sold the second car, in less than a month the Dutch motor vehicle reimbursed me for the taxes paid in advance on that car. Paperwork that I had to fill out for the refund? Zero. Nothing. All automatic. Holland is not heaven (not even fiscal, at least for individuals) but as bureaucracies Italy is getting closer and closer to hell.

Pietro Andricciola, [email protected]

September 7, 2021 (change September 06, 2021 | 10:06 am)



LETTER Italys bureaucratic hell Italians

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