“Mario Draghi at the Quirinale? No, better on the Milan bench” – Libero Quotidiano

“Mario Draghi at the Quirinale? No, better on the Milan bench” – Libero Quotidiano
“Mario Draghi at the Quirinale? No, better on the Milan bench” – Libero Quotidiano

Matteo Salvini from the part of Roberto Cingolani. In the feud that sees the 5 Star Movement on one side and the Minister of Ecological Transition on the other, the leader of the League defends the second: “Nuclear is much cleaner energy and much less dangerous than others “. Intercepted in Cernobbio, the former Minister of the Interior reminds the Grillini that” the evaluation does not already involve a judgment “and, therefore, Cingolani has not been unbalanced but has only shown that he is not” mentally Closed”.

Different discourse instead on the work of Luciana Lamorgese. A Republic Salvini utters words that are anything but honey for his successor: “In 2019 we were in full Libyan crisis – he continues in reference to the landing emergency -. Now there is the Tunisian crisis, of course, but the second country for arrivals is Bangladesh. Egyptians arrive because we no longer have any kind of relationship with the Egyptian government. There is obviously a problem. We were in Libya before, now there are Turks and Russians “.

Right up Mario Draghi, who days ago had praised the work of the minister, the number one of the Carroccio is not unbalanced. For months the premier has been pulled by the jacket by those who would see him well as president of the Republic afterwards Sergio Mattarella. But Salvini doesn’t fit in and, “unlike Letta, I don’t move Draghi on the chessboard according to my convenience”. The only chair he would entrust to the Prime Minister without ifs and buts is the one at the helm of the Rossoneri: “I would like him to be a Milan coach, but Draghi will decide what to do and we support him. By keeping our freedom in Parliament, if there are some measures from ius soli to Zan to compulsory vaccination that we do not want, without this putting the life of the government at risk “.

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Mario Draghi Quirinale Milan bench Libero Quotidiano

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