The specter of the congress, high tension in the Democratic Party: another tile for Letta

The specter of the congress, high tension in the Democratic Party: another tile for Letta
The specter of the congress, high tension in the Democratic Party: another tile for Letta

In home Pd the air of Congress is blowing. The national assembly of the party, held remotely on Friday evening, approved by a very large majority the amendment to the Statute which establishes the date of the next Congress: autumn 2022.

Let’s go in order. Friday is voted on a procedural quibble (Article 8 of the Statute) which provides that “The president of the National Assembly calls for the election of the assembly and of the national secretary six months before the expiry of the mandate of the secretary in office”. In summary, the congress of the Democratic Party will have to be held six months before the end of the mandate of Enrico Letta. This means that, if the legislature does not end prematurely, the new secretary of the Democratic Party will be elected before the Politics and it will therefore be he who decides the candidacies for 2023. Authoritative sources of the Democratic Party.Acted, however, they explain that “calling the congress does not mean that this is celebrated six months earlier”. The secretary, in fact, could also decide to celebrate the congress 20 days before the expiry of the mandate, and call for the beginning of the congress phase for that date. In short, according to what reveals a member of the leadership of the Democratic Party “the congress will take place after the policies”. At the base of everything“There is the concern of those who do not want the secretary in office to make the electoral lists, evidently because they are afraid of being excluded from those same lists”

And it is in this context that the internal fibrillations that revolve around the game for the Quirinale are inserted. The words of Goffredo Bettini, in this regard, they actually deny the line of the secretary who, officially, would like to continue Mario Draghi’s experience of government until the natural expiry of the legislature. In reality, according to sources of the Adnkronos, there would be great excitement especially within the minority current of the Reformist Base according to which they will be crucial “The outcome of the Zan Bill which will resume its difficult navigation in the Senate next week and above all the outcome of the administrative elections in Rome”, he points out. “An unequivocal victory by Gualtieri, in the reign of Bettini – reveal the sources of Adnkronos – could definitively convince the secretary, that the conditions exist to challenge the right in early elections, thus avoiding a congress that could be very uncertain”. Officially the coordinator of the Riformista Base, Alessandro Alfieri, clarified: “But which congress ?! It is even trivial to have to repeat it. Everything has its time. And we are now all focused on supporting the Democratic Party candidates in the municipal elections and on doing the best we can to support the government “. Yet, as revealed by some authoritative sources also to just a few days ago, it seems that the internal struggle to get rid of Letta has just begun. “Waiting on the river bank” would be the governor of Emilia Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini, indicated by the former Renzians as “the perfect candidate to send Enrico Letta back to Paris”.


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