At the age of 70 with Ferrari, he scourged the streets for a video on the web and had an accident

At the age of 70 with Ferrari, he scourged the streets for a video on the web and had an accident
At the age of 70 with Ferrari, he scourged the streets for a video on the web and had an accident

Montemurlo (Prato), 6 September 2021 – It is not just kids who make goliardic videos for social media. This morning, 6 September, piazza della Costituzione in Montemurlo was literally mistaken for a racetrack. Around 11 am a 70-year-old man from Agliana, owner of a 1991 Ferrari Testa Rossa (F110 ab / e), now historic model valued at around 135 thousand euros, went to the square together with a troupe from Pontedera made up of a cameramen and a sound engineer, to record the drifting of the racing car to be published on the net. The seventy-year-old thus got behind the wheel of the Ferrari and started running around the square at full speed, skidding around corners, just as if he were on the Mugello circuit, closely followed by the two operators, specialized in this type of service.

After the first two laps, however, the man lost control of the vehicle, the Ferrari skidded losing grip at the rear, ended up in a flowerbed on the side of the square where there is also the public fountain and felled an olive tree. Needless to say, the collector’s item Ferrari has become a unusable scrap. Only by chance nobody got hurt. The video operator, who closely followed the vehicle, managed to jump and miraculously dodge the out of control Ferrari, reporting only a few bruises.

It went worse for the Ferrari driver who violently banged his head against the windshield of the car and was transported to the hospital for examination, even if his condition does not cause concern. The road test with lots of shots was absolutely not authorized by the municipal administration, especially since the fact took place only a few meters from the Municipal Police Headquarters in via Toscanini. The agents, when they heard the noise of the impact, promptly intervened in the square and, in addition to carrying out the findings, they initiated further investigations to implement the consequent sanctions, as the commander of the municipal, Enrica Cappelli, informs.

Incredulous and worried about what happened is the mayor Simone Calamai who says: “Piazza della Costituzione is a public square, always very popular with people and children who walk through it to go to the nearby” Piccolo Principe “garden and it was really lucky that no one other than the driver was injured or involved in the accident. Events like the one that took place this morning are unacceptable, because they jeopardize public safety. The road is not a free practice track. The Municipal Police has already started investigations to reconstruct the incident and establish the responsibilities ».

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