Green pass, professor excluded from school returns to class

Green pass, professor excluded from school returns to class
Green pass, professor excluded from school returns to class

The French language teacher of the Turin school returns to class, who in recent days had been expelled from the school because he did not have a Green pass. The head teacher has in fact accepted “with reserve” the certification of the doctor treating the teacher, who can therefore participate in the repair exams today.

The other teacher from the school has already returned, and in recent days she presented the results of the swab she underwent.

Compulsory green pass at school, from 13 September automatic control platform. It will be called Pndgc, here’s how it will work

The new platform called National Digital Green Certificate Platform (Pndgc), created by Sogei, will make the SIDI system of the Ministry of Education dialogue with the health data linked to the Platform for its release.

The secretariats will have an interface on the screen that will ask for the mechanographic code of the institute, then a screen will appear with the list of staff on duty during the day and it will be possible to know the status of the validity of the green pass through the classic colors of the traffic light: green ok, red expired.

It will then be up to the Manager or person in charge to take care of those who are not in good standing: suspension from service for a maximum of 4 days of unjustified absence, not necessarily consecutive, and suspension of salary.

The green pass, let us remember, is very likely to become mandatory also for the rest of the public administration and the system used for educational institutions for control purposes could also become a model for the other sectors.

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