University, there is also Alessandro Barbero among the 150 “No Green Pass” teachers

University, there is also Alessandro Barbero among the 150 “No Green Pass” teachers
University, there is also Alessandro Barbero among the 150 “No Green Pass” teachers

“From September 1st, to attend Italian universities, take exams and follow lessons, you must be in possession of the so-called Green Pass. This requirement must be valid for teachers, technical, administrative and librarian staff and students and this actually extends the obligation of surreptitious vaccination to also access fundamental rights to study and work, without the political decision maker taking full responsibility. Many of us have freely chosen to undergo the anti-Covid-19 vaccination , convinced of its safety and efficacy “.

Thus began the appeal of over 150 university professors who signed the manifesto against the introduction of the compulsory Green pass in universities. Among the signatories, one of the most important Italian popularizers and historians, Alessandro Barbero, full professor of Medieval History at the University of Eastern Piedmont.

“All of us, however – continues the letter – consider the discrimination introduced against a minority to be unjust and illegitimate, as it is in contrast with the dictates of the Constitution (art. 32: ‘No one can be forced to a specific health treatment if not for provision of the law. The law may in no case violate the limits imposed by respect for the human person ‘) and with the provisions of EU Regulation 953/2021, which clarifies that’ it is necessary to avoid direct or indirect discrimination against persons who are not been vaccinated ‘for various reasons or’ who have chosen not to be vaccinated ‘.

In the specific context of the university, the manifesto reads, “the professors who subscribe to this public appeal believe that we must preserve everyone’s freedom of choice and encourage equal inclusion, in all its forms. In the current situation, either one suffers the Green Pass, or you are excluded from the possibility of attending university classrooms and, in the case of teachers, you are suspended from teaching: all this violates those study and training rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution and represents a dangerous precedent. , the ‘green card’ divides Italian society into Serie A citizens, who continue to enjoy their rights, and Serie B citizens, who see the fundamental rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution (equality, personal freedom, work, study, freedom of association, freedom of movement, freedom of opinion) “.

“The ‘green pass’ is an extraordinary measure, moreover with far from clear application outlines – conclude the more than 150 teachers, including Barbero, who signed the manifesto – which, as such, involves obvious risks, especially if it were to be extended beyond December 31, bringing to mind other historical precedents that we never would have wanted to retrace. We hope that a serious political debate will start, in society and in the academic world everything (including its fundamental administrative and student components), to avoid any penalization of specific categories of people based on their personal choices and their beliefs, to guarantee the right to study and research and universal access, non-discriminatory and free of additional charges (which are, in fact, discriminatory) to services university students. We therefore ask that all forms of discrimination be abolished and rejected “,

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