in Italy we need new stadiums. Especially in Milan …

in Italy we need new stadiums. Especially in Milan …
in Italy we need new stadiums. Especially in Milan …

In recent years, several properties in Serie A have changed, most of the time foreign investors arrived, landed in Italy with the aim of building a new owned plant. Too bad that in our country building a new stadium is not an easy task to complete. Elliott and Suning are also well aware of this and have been working for almost three years to give Milan and Inter a new facility, but for the moment the situation is not unblocked.

TOO MUCH BUROCRACY – Yet it is clear how much ownership stadiums are needed to allow clubs to increase revenues: as reported by Affari e Finanza, the twenty Serie A clubs have a debt of 5.2 billion euros and continue to lose money and champions. To understand even more how critical the situation in Italy is, just make a comparison with the Premier League and the Bundesliga: in Serie A 2020-2021 as many as 14 out of 20 stadiums were publicly owned, in England a fifth of the facilities are public, in Germany the municipal arenas are 39%. Yet there are subjects eager to invest significant amounts to build new facilities (in addition to Milan and Inter, they would like to build a new stadium, for example Rome, Fiorentina, Bologna and Venice), but the Italian bureaucracy does not help at all given that to get to the bottom seven stages must be overcome: feasibility study, preliminary Services conference, project presentation, decision-making Services conference, final authorization provision, tender (in the case of public facilities), signing of the agreement.

THE MILAN CASE – In short, an endless obstacle course, so much so that for years both the FIGC and the Lega Serie A have been asking governments in vain to streamline the approval process. In Milan, where AC Milan and Inter have a vital need to increase revenues to return to compete with the top European clubs, everything continues to be at a standstill and it will be so until there is the municipal elections in October. It will therefore be a long path, hoping that whoever is elected will finally give the green light to an important project not only for the two clubs, but also for the whole city of Milan.


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