The absurd dispute over the place in the church: then, the gunshot

The absurd dispute over the place in the church: then, the gunshot
The absurd dispute over the place in the church: then, the gunshot

CATANIA. He spent the night in the Piazza Lanza prison in Catania, CL (these are the initials of the generalities) the 69-year-old who, during the First Communion ceremonies that were being held in the church of Santa Maria degli Ammalati in Acireale, exploded – at the height of a dispute – a gunshot that wounded the deputy brigadier of the carabinieri, Sebastiano Giovanni Grasso.

A story of family conflicts that reaches its climax because of the place to be occupied in the church. A story in which a firearm appears which, only by accident, caused no victims. A story that becomes barbaric and irreverent instantaneous of what should have been a day to remember, for quite other reasons, for so many very young people who took part in their act of faith.

The accusation and the investigation

For CL, the validation of the arrests is expected tomorrow. The investigation into the incident is in the hands of the prosecutor Andrea Borzì. The charge for the 69-year-old is attempted murder.

The conditions of the deputy sergeant

The wounded soldier underwent neuro-surgical intervention for the injury to the spinal cord. From the Cannizzaro hospital they let it be known that the carabiniere was transferred there from 118 after stabilization at the Acireale hospital. The patient, under drug treatment, is not in danger of life. His conditions are stationary, the prognosis remains reserved with reference to the possible outcomes of the lesion.

The parish priest’s story

“It all happened because of a banality, a bestiality. For the place to sit in the church: because the father was ahead and the ex-wife was behind. But it was all the result of chance. They started arguing, then it seemed to have subsided. The husband had gone out on his own business, he would have been attacked by her relatives and the ex-husband’s father, seeing his son in danger, took a gun and ended up hitting the carabiniere ”.

This is what the parish priest Father Claudio Catalano told to Rei Tv’s microphones: “Those who were present will remember this Communion for the great fear it took”.

The intervention of the Prosecutor Zuccaro

“He acted with a great sense of duty, with the self-denial of the carabinieri: he was out of service, but, with a sense of the institutions, he did not hesitate to intervene to help his colleagues ”, despite being out of service. Thus the prosecutor of Catania, Carmelo Zuccaro, on the wounding of the 43-year-old deputy brigadier of the Arma.
Prosecutor Zuccaro now deems it necessary to “make use of the best medical forces, the best specialists in the sector”, to treat and help the deputy sergeant.

Here’s what would happen

The quarrel would have broken out within the same family as the fight last night, during the first communion in the church of Santa Maria degli Ammalati, which culminated in the wounding, with a gunshot between the neck and the head, of the 43-year-old deputy brigadier, who, although out of service, had intervened to help his colleagues to sedate her .
According to an initial reconstruction of the facts, at the center of the ‘dispute’ the seats in the church, which had been drawn, and which placed the father of one of the boys who was to receive first communion in the front row. A
placement not liked by his wife, from whom he is separated, nor by the woman’s family members, also because the man seems to have been accompanied by his new partner. Contrasts would arise, culminating in a first ‘clash’ inside the church and the boy’s father would be slapped.

There would have been a first intervention by the carabinieri and the situation seemed to be back under control. But when the man left the church, a new quarrel broke out, then it resulted in a fight: this time it was the boy’s father who slapped a former family member after being insulted. The fight involved a dozen people and the deputy sergeant, present in the church for the first communion of his son, intervened to help his colleagues. At that moment the boy’s paternal grandfather exploded a gunshot that hit the non-commissioned officer between the neck and head. After a few moments of great tension, the 63-year-old laid the weapon on the ground and was handcuffed by the carabinieri. The deputy brigadier was taken to the Acireale hospital, where he was stabilized, and then transferred, due to the seriousness of his condition, to the Cannizzaro in Catania.

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