Italian and French talents at the Casa del Jazz in Rome

The meeting between Paolo Damiani, musician, teacher, composer, and Armand Meignan, director of the Nantes festival and president of the Le Mans one he founded, created a new festival 24 years ago: A fertile land strip. An event based on the creative exchange between French and Italian jazz, with great interest in the most innovative forms of this music, those born in Europe over half a century ago and which have nothing to do with some entertainment jazz; rather they arise from the encounter of the most advanced music with the art of improvisation.

This year’s program

This year’s program, after the “OltreRoma” excursions to Palestrina in the National Archaeological Museum and Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia, in Caprarola, in the splendid Palazzo Farnese, and at the Castle of Santa Severa, comes alive from today until 13 September in the Park of the Casa del Jazz in Rome and in the Cavea of ​​the Auditorium Parco della Musica.

It starts tonight at 9:00 pm at the Casa del Jazz, with the national premiere of X&Y. Nicola Fazzini on saxophone and Alessandro Fedrigo on acoustic bass confront each other in an unprecedented duo where they present their compositions in a dry and suggestive guise.

Following, an original production, Stefano Di Battista, alto and soprano sax, Erik Truffaz, trumpet, and Arthur Hnatek, drums. An amazing encounter between the extrovert Italian saxophonist Stefano Di Battista and the introverted French trumpeter Erik Truffaz: a bit like Chet Baker meeting Charlie Parker.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 7 at the Casa del Jazz, in the national premiere, “Go to the dogs!” with Aristide d’Agostino trumpet, Arnaud Edel guitar, Thibaud Thiolon saxophones, clarinet, Samuel Foucault bass, Jean-Emmanuel Doucet drums. A quintet that plays with inspiration and poetry on stage.

Another original production

To follow, another original production, Claudio Fasoli / Nguyên Lê Quartet with Claudio Fasoli sax, Nguyên Lê guitar, Paolino Dalla Porta double bass, John Hadfield drums.

Claudio Fasoli is one of the most important Italian musicians, here he collaborates with the virtuoso guitarist Nguyên Lê who, like Fasoli, is open to all new musical experiences.

Wednesday 8, Casa del Jazz, original production: Federica Michisanti Ensemble. Francesco Bigoni, tenor sax and clarinet, Francesco Lento, trumpet and flugelhorn, Federica Michisanti, double bass, guest Louis Sclavis, soprano sax, clarinet.

The 2021 Cincinnato Prize

After the concert, the Cincinnato 2021 Prize will be awarded to the young saxophonist Francesco Bigoni, offered by the prestigious Cori winery of the same name.

Following, Louis Sclavis Quartet “Characters On A Wall”. Louis Sclavis, clarinets, Benjamin Moussay, piano, Sarah Murcia, double bass and Christophe Lavergne, drums.

Since the early 1980s, Louis Sclavis has established himself as one of today’s most creative jazz musicians: superb soloist and brilliant composer. For his return to the Festival, he offers us his latest creation.

Thursday 9, Casa del Jazz, original production, “Residenza 2021 Ground 71. Giampiero Locatelli, piano, rhodes, Stefano Dallaporta, double bass, electric bass, Andrea Grillini, drums, guest Régis Huby, violin.

Artists from different backgrounds

The Artist’s Residence, one of the pillars of the festival, was created to support the encounter between artists from different backgrounds, in original projects to be proposed on the international scene. This year the national call was addressed to already established Italian groups (trio, quartet or quintet), who had at least one album with original compositions to their credit; 62 applications were submitted, and the trio Ground 71 won, which chose the illustrious French violinist and composer Régis Huby as guest.

Following, another original production: Méderic Collignon, trumpet, voice, Thomas De Pourquery, sax and Francois Jeanneau, sax, flute. Three incredible wind instrumentalists meet for a performance without a rhythm section, in an unprecedented ensemble under the sign of improvisation.

Friday 10 September, Casa del Jazz, in the afternoon, screening of the docufilm “A strip of fertile earth 2020”, created by Elena Palazzi and Alice Russo in collaboration with Rufa – Rome University of Fine Arts.

In the evening, original production, Régis Huby, violin, Daniele Roccato, double bass and Olivier Benoit, guitar. Unpublished string trio, with two excellent soloists such as the violinist Huby and the guitarist Benoit for a confrontation with the great Italian double bassist Daniele Roccato.

“Pronto!”, A national premiere musical proposal

Following, in the national premiere, “Pronto!”. Christophe Marguet, drums, Daniel Erdmann, saxophone, Arnault Cuisinier, double bass and Rita Marcotulli, piano.

A musical proposal born when Rita Marcotulli met Christophe Marguet, one of the most requested French drummers. The two artists have established a true Franco-Italian musical conversation at the highest levels, enriched by the presence of excellent soloists such as Daniel Erdmann and Arnaud Cuisinier.

Saturday 11 September, Casa del Jazz, in the afternoon, “Giochi in the attic”, interactive concert for children’s choir & jazz ensemble, in collaboration with Il jazz va a scuola. Jazz and improvised music, in their broadest sense, are a language capable of both stimulating the creativity and freedom of expression of children, and of conveying important cultural contents.

Also Saturday, September 11, at 21:00, original production, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Cavea, “ONJ Paolo Damiani – 20 ans après”. Paolo Damiani, double bass, conducting, Médéric Collignon, Alain Vankenhove, trumpet, pocket cornet, flicorn, Didier Havet, sousaphone, Filippo Vignato, trombone, François Jeanneau, Javier Girotto, Thomas de Pourquery, saxophones, flutes, Régis Huby, violin, Olivier Benoit, guitar, Christophe Marguet, drums.

Paolo Damiani’s French National Jazz Orchestra has profoundly marked the history of this French institution called ONJ (for the first and only time so far entrusted to a foreign conductor) and constituted an important event in the history of European jazz for its originality of his compositions and the high quality of his guests.

At 10.15 pm, exclusively for the summer season of the Musica per Roma Foundation, the special reunion of the PAF Trio, a formation that has left an indelible mark on the history of Italian jazz. A unique opportunity to listen to Paolo Fresu, Antonello Salis and Furio Di Castri, three absolute masters of Italian jazz.

Big closing on Monday 13 September at the Casa del Jazz with a double concert. Opening the Siae 2021 Award, in collaboration with the historic monthly Musica Jazz, now in its seventh edition. This year the festival has decided to invite the first four musicians classified in the Top jazz new talents (Federico Calcagno, clarinet, Ferdinando Romano, double bass, Francesco Fratini, trumpet and Michelangelo Scandroglio, double bass) to play together in a new group, writing a original composition each.

Following the duo Danilo Rea, piano, and Luciano Biondini, accordion. The poets of Italian song reinterpreted in a perfect combination of poetry and emotion. An alchemy between two improvisational styles that are lost and found again, in a continuous and unexpected game of harmonic movements. Creative exuberances blend with intimate melodies that evoke, as in a journey, the great history of Italian music.

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