blues on the shields in the first two sets! – OA Sport

blues on the shields in the first two sets! – OA Sport
blues on the shields in the first two sets! – OA Sport


5-12 Galassi lob.

4-12 Stepping on the nine-meter Lavia line.

4-11 Mani-out of Pinali, which is unlocked!

3-11 Pinali’s attack still out.

3-10 Error in the attack of Pinali, great blackout of our team.

3-9 Lavia does not go into attack either.

3-8 Pinali’s joke on the net.

3-7 The series in Grozdanov’s service ends here.

2-7 Kolev Wall on Galassi, we are in trouble.

2-6 Ace also from Grozdanov, time-out called by De Giorgi.

2-5 First half of Grozdanov.

2-4 Nice high shot by Lavia.

1-4 Ace from Skrimov, watch out.

1-3 Sokolov’s hands-out from the second row.

1-2 Lavia’s big pipe.

0-2 Wall of Grozdanov on Michieletto.

0-1 It starts with an error in Giannelli’s service.

25-18 Lavia closes it with a nice pushed lob!

24-18 Michieletto is also wrong.

24-17 Asparuhov misses the serve and gives us seven set-points.

23-17 Invasion in attack by Michieletto.

23-16 Anzani’s wonderful seven.

22-16 Sokolov scores this time.


21-15 PINALI! Mani-out of Giulio from the second line, let’s fly to +6!

20-15 Michieletto wins the contrast at the net with Seganov!

19-15 Grodzanov is also wrong.

18-15 Lavia’s joke is just outside.

18-14 Error in attack by Sokolov, important point!

17-14 Skrimov’s line comes out.

16-14 The series serving Giulio ends here.

16-13 ACEEEEEE DI PINALI! Let’s fly to +3!

15-13 MURONEEEEEE! Galassi’s big shot on Skrimov, let’s go back one break!

14-13 Pinali first defends and then attacks!

13-13 Great first half of Galassi!

12-13 The referee does not blow a double to Seganov blatant.

12-12 Broadside of Lavia in parallel!

11-12 Grodzanov’s first half bags, the Bulgarians go back.

11-11 Lightness in this case of Anzani, who jumps on the player who was in the second line.

11-10 We stay ahead thanks to an error in the serve.

10-10 Another long exchange, this time Bulgaria wins, but we have touched all the wall attacks.

10-9 Alessandro makes up for it with a crazy narrow diagonal.

9-9 This time Michieletto takes the wall.

9-8 Seganov’s second intention magic.

9-7 MAMMA MIAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! Giannelli’s scary wall on Sokolov, but we defended the impossible, we are on every ball !!!

8-7 Sokolov’s hands-out from the second row.

8-6 Giannelli still thinks about it with a ball flush with the net!

7-6 Disaster in Bulgaria’s reconstruction, but everything starts from our second line, which is working very well.

6-6 The series in the service of the Bulgarian number 8 ends here.

5-6 Ace in Skrimov.

5-5 Pinali’s line comes out of a whisker.

5-4 Sokolov is also wrong in attack, not a great evening for him so far.

4-4 Third consecutive mistake in Sokolov’s service.

3-4 Skrimov plays on the hands of the Pinali wall.

3-3 Pipe by Michieletto, Giannelli is overcoming himself tonight.

2-3 Michieletto’s line does not pass.

2-2 Atanasov’s report comes out.

1-2 Lightness of Lavia in defense.

1-1 Pipe by Skrimov, but what a miracle in defense of the Azzurri previously!

1-0 It starts again with a first half by Anzani!

25-19 The first set ends with a serve by Sokolov!

24-19 Anzani cancels the first with an error in the service.

24-18 Galassi’s big seven, how well Simone Giannelli plays! There are six set points for the Azzurri!

23-18 The first half takes place behind Anzani.

22-18 Already the third first half of Grodzanov, be careful not to let your guard down.

22-17 Good one-handed lift by Seganov, then Kolev thinks about it in attack.

22-16 Atanasov tries to attack with second intention from the second line, but the ball goes out.

21-16 Parallel of Sokolov from place four.

21-15 Mani-out of Pinali from the second line, but wonderful Giannelli to leave his opposite with a block to one.

20-15 Galassi’s joke stops on the net.

20-14 Bravo Giannelli to put down a ball at the net after its containment wall.

19-14 Michieletto places a ball behind the wall worthy of the best veteran.

18-14 Another great first half by Grodzanov.

18-13 MY MOM! Giannelli climbed into the sky to retrieve a ball that was practically over there, then Galassi takes care of it in attack!

17-13 Michieletto’s reception escapes, Atanasov takes advantage of it.

17-12 Skrimov’s narrow diagonal, wonderful ball.

17-11 LET’S GO! Lavia’s hands-out, but what makes the difference is our wall-defense system, which is working perfectly!


15-11 Sokolov’s joke does not pass.

14-11 Seven stupendous by Grodzanov, Seganov also good at dribbling.

14-10 ACE! Anzani float service on Skrimov!

13-10 Wonderful pipe by Michieletto.

12-10 New hands-out by Sokolov, but the Bulgarians are struggling to put the ball down on the first attempt.

12-9 Another good attack by Anzani from the center!

11-9 Sokolov passes in the middle of the wall, but there had been a clear dribble foul for the Bulgarians previously.

11-8 WOW! Defense at the baseline of Lavia, then Michieletto finds the touch of the wall on a ball that came from nine meters!

10-8 Seven sliced ​​by Anzani, Giannelli is varying the game a lot.

9-8 Mani-out by Sokolov from the second row.

9-7 Magic of Giannelli of second intention, partial 4-0 for Italy and time-out Bulgaria!

8-7 Michieletto’s stamp on Sokolov!

7-7 Kolev’s network invasion, but wonderful action by the Azzurri in the second line.

6-7 Galassi’s hands-out from the center.

5-7 Ace from Grozdanov, break for Bulgaria.

5-6 Muro di Atanasov on Pinali, all the blues stopped in cover.

5-5 Galassi’s network invasion, too bad because Balaso had pulled up a crazy ball.

5-4 Muroneeeeee di Galassi su Sokolov!

4-4 Lavia passes in the middle of the wall from place four, good Michieletto in reception.

3-4 Pinali’s joke comes out.

3-3 Galassi’s first half, Giannelli good at playing a detached ball so as not to give his central to the wall.

2-3 Crazy broadside by Sokolov.

2-2 Pinali scored from place two, good ball speed from Giannelli.

1-2 Kolev’s first half, but we are in defense with Balaso.

1-1 Immediately a beautiful deep diagonal by Michieletto.

0-1 It starts with an error in service by Giannelli.

15:44 Italy responds with: Giannelli, Pinali, Lavia, Michieletto, Anzani, Galassi and Balaso.

15:43 Questo il sestetto della Bulgaria: Atanasov, Grozdanov, Sokolov, Kolev, Seganov, Skrimov e Ivanov.

15:41 It’s time for the national anthems!

15:40 The two teams have finished the official warm-up.

15:37 Bulgaria at the moment has one point less than us, in fact, after the first convincing victory against Montenegro (3-0), they struggled much harder against the Czech Republic (3-2).

15:34 Tonight it will be absolutely necessary to make a qualitative leap: Bulgaria is a team with many individualities, above all the names of Sokolov, Grodzanov, Atanasov, players that we have learned to appreciate also in our Championship.

15:31 Italy is currently leading Group B thanks to two wins against Belarus (3-0) and Montenegro (3-0).

15:28 The Azzurri are hunting for the third victory of the tournament against the fearsome Bulgaria of coach Prandi.

15:25 Dear friends of OA Sport, good afternoon and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Italy-Bulgaria, match valid for the sixth day of the group stage of the men’s European volleyball 2021.

Dear friends of OA Sport, good afternoon and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Italy-Bulgaria, match valid for the sixth day of the group stage of the men’s European volleyball 2021. The growth path of De Giorgi’s boys continues, they need many games to grow and to refine the agreements.

Italy are currently leading Group B thanks to two wins against Belarus (3-0) and Montenegro (3-0). The blues yesterday won against the Montenegrins, but they did not express a good volleyball, we saw a team that was not very concentrated and with a mechanism still to be fixed. Tonight we will need a different Italy, because Bulgaria is a team of superior caliber: Sokolov, Atansov, Godzanov, knowledge of our league, are players of excellent level, our wall-defense system will have to increase in level. Bulgaria are currently in second position in Pool B with 5 points, obtained thanks to the victories against Montenegro (3-0) and the Czech Republic (3-2).

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Bulgaria, a match valid for the sixth day of the group stage of the men’s European volleyball 2021, news in real time, minute by minute, point by point, so as not to really miss anything, the match will start at 3:45 pm and will be visible in the clear on Rai2!

Photo: CEV

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