Rome, sit-in No Green Pass, Forza Nuova leader Castellino stopped

Rome, sit-in No Green Pass, Forza Nuova leader Castellino stopped
Rome, sit-in No Green Pass, Forza Nuova leader Castellino stopped

Giuliano Castellino, historical leader of the Roman far right, one of the main agitators of the protest in recent months, first against vaccines, now against the Green Pass, was arrested this morning in Rome. Roberto Fiore, the secretary of Forza Nuova, the party of which Castellino belongs, gave the news.

“This morning in Rome the arrests of Giuliano, Stefano, Pino, Riccardo and Alessio were carried out, always in the front row in recent weeks in the popular street struggles against the liberticide control system started with the Green Pass”, explained Fiore.

No Vax, the leader of Forza Nuova Castellino at the stadium with the Green Pass

by Viola Giannoli

01 September 2021

In the early afternoon, Castellino himself gave his version of the arrest: “This morning, at 7, our houses were searched by the Digos of Rome. woke up, they entered our house, violated our privacy and took us to the police station. All to blow up the demonstration scheduled this morning outside Montecitorio “.

In recent days, protesters opposed to the Green Pass have gathered more than once in Piazza del Popolo, threatening marches (then promptly blocked) towards the Chamber of Deputies.

“In addition to myself – continues Castellino – the Roman manager and national manager of FN Pino Meloni and the Roman leaders Stefano Schiavulli, Riccardo Ricciardi and Alessio Mastrangelo were arrested: the first line that last Saturday had held the mobilization against the Green Pass”.

The latest anti-Green Pass events, among other things, had not involved more than a few hundred people, as well as the attempts to block trains and stations, promptly re-launched by Castellino.

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