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Shooting in the church, carabiniere operation: spinal cord injury –

Shooting in the church, carabiniere operation: spinal cord injury –
Shooting in the church, carabiniere operation: spinal cord injury –

CATANIA – Injury to the spinal cord, the carabiniere Sebastiano Giovanni Grasso could risk paralysis, injured last night in a shooting at the entrance of the Church of Santa Maria Ammalati, a hamlet of Acireale. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO

The intervention

The carabiniere is hospitalized in the Neurosurgery department of the Cannizzaro hospital in Catania, where he was transferred from 118 after stabilization at the Acireale hospital.

“At the Trauma Center of the Cannizzaro Emergency Department – the company says – the man was subjected to visits and examinations and then to a delicate neurosurgical intervention for the spinal-medullary injury from burst, performed successfully”. WATCH THE VIDEO “Severe clinical picture”

He does not risk his life

The carabiniere is not in danger of life. “The prognosis remains reserved with reference to the possible outcomes of the injury”, concludes the company.

The gunshot

The author of the shooting, a 69-year-old, grandfather of a boy who was about to receive his First Communion, was arrested by soldiers from the Acireale carabinieri radio mobile.

The charge is of attempted murder and illegal carrying of a firearm

Prosecutor Carmelo Zuccaro clings to the wounded carabiniere: “He acted with a great sense of duty, with the self-denial of the carabinieri: he was off duty, but with a sense of the institutions, he had no hesitation in intervening to help his colleagues, despite being out of service. Now we need to make use of the best medical forces, the best specialists in the sector, to treat and help the deputy sergeant “.

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