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that’s what struck him, the health problem no one talked about – Libero Quotidiano

that’s what struck him, the health problem no one talked about – Libero Quotidiano
that’s what struck him, the health problem no one talked about – Libero Quotidiano

New flash visit of Silvio Berlusconi to the hospital San Raffaele of Milan. For the third time in recent days the leader of Come on Italy went to his trusted doctor, Dr. Alberto Zangrillo. Maximum confidentiality on the reason for the check. Accompanied by his escort, the Cav entered at 10 under the “diamond”, avoiding contact with other patients. “But what exactly does Berlusconi have?” Asks the Corriere della Sera. with more than a hint of concern. Premise: the former premier, 84, was not hospitalized but the visit lasted a few minutes.

Of course, the investigations and verifications of the case relating to the aftermath of the Covid, by which Berlusconi was hit a year ago while he was in Sardinia. At the time he was forced to emergency hospitalization at San Raffaele, under pressure from Zangrillo, and it was Silvio himself who admitted that he feared the worst and saw death in the face. “If I had gotten sick like this in March, I would not be here today”, he confided, feeling moved as a testimony to the seriousness of the situation, also in light of his serious health history. Since then the sindrome long-Covid it returned cyclically, and the attention of Zangrillo and the San Raffaele medical staff was obviously focused on the repercussions on Berlusconi’s cardiovascular system, already put under heavy stress in 2016 when he was forced to undergo an open heart operation.

“In reality – Corriere della Sera always suggests – the comings and goings of the last few days are due to checks of a different nature, one the eye, and many already on the agenda: three in the last two weeks. Always with a very short hospital stay: time for a quick visit to Dr. Zangrillo. “And speaking of an ophthalmological problem, theuveite which stopped him in 2014 in the midst of the tussle over his trials, complete with entry into the Senate with sunglasses. Many political enemies made fun of it, but the truth is that even that was one of the many health problems that the Cav has been carrying on its back for twenty years now.

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