For the nuclear hypothesis, threats to Cingolani. It’s the “haters” method

For the nuclear hypothesis, threats to Cingolani. It’s the “haters” method
For the nuclear hypothesis, threats to Cingolani. It’s the “haters” method

“I’m shocked I didn’t think it would go that far. I have been receiving death threats on the web for three days. They reinforced my escort and the agents also followed me to dinner with my wife whom I had practically not seen for two months ». The Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, reveals the wave was unleashed against him after his statements on “clean nuclear” during a meeting at the political training school of Italia Viva, the movement of Matteo Renzi. Threats received now despite «those phrases, those concepts I have repeated on many other occasions. Thinking about it this time there is a difference: in this case I was speaking at an event organized by Matteo Renzi, and this circumstance generated toxic reactions ».

Toxic for politics but not only. It is not the only case of government and society exponents who have become targets of minorities of violent haters (haters) on issues divided for the country, from vaccines to the green pass, as public works such as tav , with the antagonists still protagonists of violent clashes with the police. And now groups with insignificant but noisy numbers often ride peaceful protests and tarnish their legitimacy.

In recent weeks, extremists from the no vax galaxy – on which the Genoa Public Prosecutor’s Office is also investigating – have targeted the infectious disease specialist Matteo Bassetti so as to lead him to ask for protection for his safety: “Tonight too – he said yesterday – I received phone calls from people I call stalkers. This morning I received a message saying: “We’ll come and get you.” The tenor is always the same, they call me a thief and a thief. “

And yesterday also the blue Anronio Tajani ended up in the crosshairs: «We don’t let the novax intimidate us. We go ahead convinced of our ideas. Yes to vaccines and greenpass “, he writes on Twitter after the insults received via social media.

Meanwhile, after the flop of the people’s demonstrations of the “No” pass, violent messages continue in chats on social networks and Telegram. Mythomaniacs and conspiracy theorists, the same ones who had to block trains and stations all over Italy, still with insults and death threats as already happened in recent days to the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio and the President of Liguria, Giovanni Toti. Two prosecutors, that of Turin and Genoa sleep at work with the investigations that have been entrusted to the Postal Police and Digos. According to investigators, behind the keyboard lions there could be an organized structure with precise roles and tasks with the aim of sabotaging vaccination campaigns and intimidating those in favor of the green pass and serum. “Threats of violence and violence must be sanctioned with due rigor to protect those who have adopted responsible behavior. This responsibility, which deserves constant appreciation, has allowed the resumption: universities which resume in presence; the schools reopen, the economy has restarted », said yesterday the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

As for nuclear power, “the death threats to Minister Cingolani show once again that he was right: fringes of ideological and fundamentalist pseudo-environmentalism survive, not even interested in technological development and the new possibilities it offers. Those who know him know well that he will not be intimidated, Italy can continue its commitment to the path for ecological transition “, remembers Vannia Gava, undersecretary of the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

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