Servizi Italia, buy-back operations

Servizi Italia, buy-back operations
Servizi Italia, buy-back operations
(Teleborsa) – Italy services, as part of the authorization for the purchase of treasury shares approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting of 20 April 2021, he announced that he had purchased, from 30 August to 3 September 2021, overall 6,500 ordinary shares equal to 0.020% of the share capital, at the average unit price of 2.1487 euros for one countervalue equal to 13.966,25 euro.

Following the purchases made so far, the company active in the sector of integrated services for the rental, washing and sterilization of textile materials and surgical instruments holds 1,879,908 treasury shares equal to 5.91% of the share capital.

Meanwhile, on the Milanese list, the performance of Italy services with prices aligned at € 2.135 for a drop of 0.70%.

(Teleborsa) 06-09-2021 12:25


Servizi Italia buyback operations

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