One day with the candidate Carlo Calenda

Why “A day with the candidate”? The idea is to show behind the scenes of an election campaign. Often you see television reports, videos on facebook, you read interviews, maybe you can even meet the candidate live. All combed, sometimes apparently fake. But what’s behind it? There is the scene and the background, the latter almost never shown to the voters.

This is why the idea of ​​following a candidate on a typical day. We asked to be able to follow the four main contenders for the chair of mayor of the capital for a whole day: Virginia Raggi (Five-star movement), Roberto Gualtieri (center left), Enrico Michetti (center right) and Carlo Calenda (Action).

First appointment with Carlo Calenda that we followed on Friday 3 September, a day full of commitments. With us on board his van his staff Giovanna, Angelo and Riccardo.


day candidate Carlo Calenda

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