Buffon defends Mancini’s Italy: “Only unfortunate, ungenerous to criticize Immobile”

Buffon defends Mancini’s Italy: “Only unfortunate, ungenerous to criticize Immobile”
Buffon defends Mancini’s Italy: “Only unfortunate, ungenerous to criticize Immobile”

The draws with Bulgaria and Switzerland have complicated, but not compromised, Italy’s qualification for the World Cup in Qatar next year, but from here it passes to criticize the Azzurri. A column from the 2006 world champion national team takes the defense of the European champions, Gigi Buffon. “Not for wanting to defend the group and the coach, but Italy’s problem in these two matches was good luck – the words of the Parma goalkeeper to” Radio too sport “on Rai Radio 1 -. After the splendid ride to the European Championship, where everything went the right way, life balances something and makes things go less well. The national team is paying a bit of bad luck and it is true that in September it has always suffered, but in this case performance, in the two games, was provided, with many goals created. The data that emerges is that you could have scored three goals with Bulgaria and last night with Switzerland, but the results were the children of chance. If you replay them a hundred times, you win them “.

Italy, World Cup at risk: this is what it takes to qualify in Qatar

by our correspondent Enrico Currò

06 September 2021

“There is no attacking problem in the national team”

For Buffon, there is no attacking problem: “Questioning our strikers or someone like Immobile seems ungenerous to me, his numbers are important in our league. his team “. His sixth World Cup, at least for the moment, is not a real goal: “I’m not aiming for anything, just to be happy and to do things that make sense for the responses of head and body, which respond in a great way and for this reason I continue to play with great enthusiasm. For now I do not consider the idea of ​​quitting, I realize that for the people of Parma I am a very important player, with many responsibilities, to whom the fans give their hopes. If Mancini would call me? ct has never done anything wrong, we last spoke 2-3 years ago and I don’t want unnecessary pressures to be created. He already has a lot of responsibilities, don’t add other useless ones like mine “.

Sarri and Mourinho, the old rivals can help Mancini

by Paolo Condò

05 September 2021

“Parma a reason for living”

On the other hand, Italy, between the posts, is well covered, starting with the owner, that Gigio Donnarumma who instead is having problems winning the PSG, a team in which Buffon played: “First of all we are only at the beginning and not can give definitive judgments, then he found himself in a particular situation, in a great team that has the goalkeeper (Navas, ed) among its strengths. Initially, the space is reduced, but however strong it is and his career will be long, he will have no problem confirming himself as a reference goalkeeper for PSG “. Between the promotion of Parma and the Scudetto to ‘his’ Juve Buffon chooses the return to Serie A of the Emilians: “For me at this moment it is a reason for living, the reason why I continue to have this passion. Juventus is just experiencing a passage, I don’t know if generational or a team skeleton that is changing, but you pay a bit of duty. If you are certain like Allegri or the players, you may not reach the goal, but you are close to it “.

National The report cards of Switzerland-Italy: a decisive sommer, Locatelli has an extra gear

by Matteo Pinci

05 September 2021

“Goodbye Ronaldo did not surprise me”

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s farewell? I think no one could have been surprised. He has the reputation of being a great professional, especially for himself. The fans have idolized him for his performances and goals, and I don’t see anything about the choice to go away. illogical. It was a deliberate and rational choice on his part, which confirmed the path of his career. I can only speak well of Cristiano, he is an exceptional professional and gives one hundred percent for the cause. ” Another champion, Franck Ribery, is about to start a new adventure with Salernitana: “It’s something suggestive, I put myself in his shoes and I understand it: even though he’s 38, he probably still feels like a very strong player. And in my opinion he still is: he should play even 60 minutes – concludes Buffon – players like him, in Italy, can be counted on the fingers of one hand “.

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